The Owie Footie

As I’ve glossed over a few times lately, Henry is currently lame. He’s been lame for a few weeks now, since a couple days after I moved out to the farm (exceptional timing Henry, thank you). It came on suddenly and fairly acutely, like an abscess or a bad bruise, and I had reason to believe it could be exactly that. You see, the day that the other horses left for Florida, the turnout situation was modified for the new smaller group that stayed behind, and Henry moved out to the front field, while the other 3 horses went into the field he had been in before. Basically they stayed in the same groups, just traded places. Henry decided this was completely unsuitable.

For the most part he just paced silently, or grazed aggressively, but I caught him galloping up and down the fenceline a few times, as horses sometimes do. That particular fenceline does have some rocks around it… not a lot, but enough to where it was certainly believable that he could have stomped on one during a fit of rage. It also was the only area on the entire property that was muddy, and he took to standing there in the muddiest corner for pretty much the entire day, sulking. Ripe conditions for an abscess. He can be a total turd about change sometimes, but usually it’s short-lived, so I just figured I’d give him a few days to settle. He wasn’t belligerent, he was just displeased. Then he came up lame and I gave up and moved him to a different turnout, which luckily has seemed to appease him.

A little too late at that point though, because like I said, now he was lame. At first I couldn’t even quite tell which leg it was, he kinda looked lame on a couple of them. I sent videos and a description of what had been going on to the vet, who said it sounded like a bruise or an abscess, and to treat it like an abscess for a few days to see if anything would come out. So I did animalintex and kept waiting to see some kind of sign of rupture. Nothing came. The lameness got better but didn’t go away completely.

Ok, so let’s switch gears… maybe it’s a deep bruise. In goes the magic cushion and the bute. It got better for a time, then he came in from turnout one day basically 3-legged. WTF. I freaked out. Did he break his freakin coffin bone or something? WAS it an abscess that was just taking a long time to surface? I was sending videos to the vet like a lunatic. This was the night before Thanksgiving, of course.

To confuse things even further, the next morning he came out of his stall like 95% sound. Still no sign of a ruptured abscess.

Image result for shrug gif

So the vet came out the next day and pulled the shoe, looking to see if we could find any sign of what was going on. Pretty sure the vet was expecting to find a ruptured abscess that I had just missed the exit track of, but let me tell you I know every millimeter of that horse’s hoof by now. I didn’t miss a ruptured abscess. Henry was positive to the hoof testers on pretty much the whole outside rim of the foot (have I mentioned this is his most crooked foot, that deviates to the outside, and he does naturally land on the outside of that foot first?) but especially towards the back of the foot closer to the last nail hole. The vet pared away a tiny bit of sole in the most reactive area, but was hesitant to take very much. There was no sign of an abscess that we could easily find.

He had me continue to put the animalintex around the back of the heel and the coronary band, in case an abscess was trying to find a way out, but paint the sole with Durasole and pack with Magic Cushion, in case it was a bruise. So that was a fun thing to try to do every night, as Henry proceeded to get wilder and wilder as each day passed without getting ridden (right now he just kind of stands in his stall all night snorting like a feral arabian stallion constantly, so that’s fun). There is no way in hell I could keep him stall rested 24/7 while the other horses are outside, so I’ve just been wrapping the foot up like crazy and hoping for the best. I’ve walked through his pasture and picked up every rock I could, and I’ve closed his back stall door so that he can’t pace around the stall run at night, but that’s about all I can do.

Lord help us

After a few days of this I texted the vet back and said that Henry was pretty much the same, so he came out again and we took xrays. Luckily the bones all look fine, no sign of fracture (although there is some other remodeling in that foot that isn’t much of a surprise given his age/job/conformation… none of it would explain this lameness though). His soles are slightly thin, about 11mm, but definitely not enough to cause an ongoing problem like this. There was a little slightly shadowed area on the xray toward the back of the outside rim of his hoof that could possibly be an abscess, or a really bad sub-solar bruise, but nothing that screamed “this is for sure the problem”.

At this point he was now also shoe-less on that foot since we had to pull it, which doesn’t help no matter how much I wrap it. Is he getting better? Maybe. He needs a shoe back on. But the foot is not really in good enough shape to take much pounding, plus the vet wants to get his sole up higher off the ground for a while. Neither of us are a fan of full pads, and he doesn’t really want a farrier hammering into the foot right now. He recommended a glue-on shoe that gives about the same ground clearance as a regular shoe plus a rim pad. They are fancy.

GLUSHU is an aluminum core horseshoe with a vulcanized rubber cuff
with endless configurations and applications”

I called my farrier, he ordered the shoes, and hopefully they should be here today. Which is good, because when I got home yesterday Henry had ripped off the OTHER front shoe, and naturally this morning he’s sore on that foot, and looks pretty good on the right one. JFC, I give up.

Image result for exasperated gif

So we’re kind of in stasis at the moment. We need to get the glue-on shoes put on and see how he looks, then go from there. The horse is zero percent stoic, so it’s hard to get any real idea of how he looks when he doesn’t have a shoe. We know for sure that the lameness is coming from the right front hoof, and we know for sure that none of the bones are the cause. That’s where we’re at. Hopefully it’s either a deep stubborn abscess or a bad subsolar bruise. There’s also the possibility that he damaged the soft tissue inside the foot (like a ligament), but there’s really no way to tell that without an MRI, and… we’re definitely not there yet.

So for now I muck stalls and I wrap feet and I try not to murder Henry when he snorts and wheels in circles because I tossed a flake of hay into his stall, or moved the hose, or… like… breathed too loud.

I love horses. I love horses. I love horses.

The Final Tally

Well guys, we’ve survived yet another Black Friday weekend. This year people started asking me months ago if I was going to make my annual list, which I’ll admit I didn’t even start until a couple days before. I was a little late to the game and too busy to spend as much time as usual on it this year. Luckily by now I do have things down to a bit of a science, and a lot of businesses send me their information in advance, so it’s gotten a little easier. It’s still a crazy amount of work that I immediately start to hate (’tis the monster of my own creation), but it wasn’t as bad as I’d been dreading. Plus I discovered a few new businesses in the process, which is always a perk!

Image result for black friday aftermath gif

Since I’ve spent all my money (all. of. it.) on vet bills lately, I only had a couple things on my list to buy for sure. The main thing was a gift or gifts for my blogger gift exchange recipient, which I might have gone a little overboard on because sorry it’s just who I am as a person. I also planned on keeping an eye on Premier Equine to see what they did, since I’ve been waiting months for a good sale to buy a couple more merino wool pads, this time in white for shows. I managed to accomplish both of those objectives, plus found a few other little things that were too hard to pass up or I forgot I needed.

Premier Equine ended up doing a 35% off sale, and at first I got really overexcited and added like 6 things to my cart. I really love Premier Equine. BUT… vet bills. Sigh. So my adult self emerged (she’s a real buzzkill) and made me put back everything but the white pads. I got them both for $100, they shipped on Thanksgiving, and they arrived the next day. England to Texas in just over 24 hours. Pretty freakin’ impressive!

I picked up a couple things at Mare Goods for my gift exchange recipient and was gonna be done with that. Then I made the mistake of opening an email for a t-shirt company to look for something for the SO for Christmas and found a couple shirts that screamed my gift exchange person’s name so loud that I can’t even post them or everyone will know exactly who I got. And then I nabbed this one for myself because it was $5. Adult-Me didn’t grumble too much about that.

You Have Died of Dysentery
Oregon Trail 4 life

The next day upped their discount to 60%, and I happened to notice that they have Carr & Day & Martin products, including my beloved Belvoir leather balsam. I’m actually finally at the bottom of the container I bought a couple years ago and need a new one anyway, and normally that stuff is $27 for a jar, so at 60% off I jumped on it quick. It was only $11!!! I also tossed in some StainMaster, which I like to use as waterless shampoo in the winter. It’s usually too pricey for me to convince myself to buy it, but again… 60% off! I also tossed in another small thing for my gift exchange recipient because yet again the item screamed her name and was so cheap it barely counts. At that point I remembered that I’d been low-key eyeballing some leggings (with a cell phone pocket, my most coveted feature in a legging) on their site a while back but never pulled the trigger on them because I’m cheap. With the sale they were $18. Um, yeah… sold. And shipping was free! So I technically got lots of stuff there I guess, but it was all so freaking cheap. Like barely more than just the Belvoir alone normally would have cost.

yeah girl, put your hand in that cell phone pocket

This past summer Presto managed to kill (in one wear) the hoof boot I’d had for several years. I like having a hoof boot around, just in case a horse pulls a shoe or gets a bruise or something. It’s much easier, more secure, and more effective to put a hoof boot on, plus you can ride with it. My old one had saved the day many many times over the years, and I just hadn’t gotten around to replacing it yet since Presto turned it into a flip flop. But we pulled one of Henry’s front shoes last week in pursuit of figuring out his lameness and I’ve been wrapping it like a mofo since then, wishing I had a nice rugged hoof boot to put on it that I didn’t have to worry about him destroying in turnout. It occurred to me on Sunday night that Black Friday sales were the perfect opportunity to replace the boot, so off I went looking at hoof boots.

I don’t need anything too fancy, just something rugged enough to survive occasional use for turnout. That led me to the Cavallo entry level boot, which I soon discovered came in a SPARKLY OPTION. SHUT. UP.

Image result for cavallo bling

Let’s be honest, if you’re in the position to where you’re having to use a hoof boot, you’re probably not very happy. Know what might make it just a tiny bit better? If said boot was glittery AF. I found a shop that had the sparkly ones in Henry’s size for 20% off plus free shipping, which made it cheaper than my last boot anyway. Done deal. Ordered. After thinking about it overnight I realized I might need the boot sooner rather than later, so I emailed the company (Corro – which is a new one to me) and asked if I could pay for expedited shipping to make sure I get it this week. They got right back to me saying that they’d notify their warehouse to move my order to the front for fulfillment, and since it was shipping out of Dallas there was no need to expedite, it should get to me within a day or two. They were super nice, they’ve earned a new customer for sure. The boot should be here tomorrow!

How did everyone else make out in the sale madness? Get any good deals? If you’re still looking for gift ideas or stocking stuffers, Riding Warehouse has a new gift guide out that might be helpful! Everything is sorted into categories and by price to make it extra easy to shop, plus they’re doing free shipping for the holidays.

Deep Sea Fishing (aka Presto’s XC adventure)

The past month has been riddled with anxiety from many different sources. Work has been ridiculously stressful, my horse has been lame (more about that in a couple days), I haven’t ridden in weeks, and I’ve been settling into a new life routine at the barn. I am not the most social person to start with, but when the pressure starts building I tend to withdraw even more into my shell, which… I can admit isn’t always the healthiest coping mechanism.

Image result for introvert gif

I haven’t had a horsey play day in months, but this past weekend our group was planning a Sunday Funday at Pine Hill. Henry obviously couldn’t go but I had the idea to take Presto just to give him some travel miles, although was pretty on the fence about it until Hillary gave me that last little push and convinced me. Turns out she was right, I needed a horsey day and some time talking to horsey friends, plus Presto really delivered on the entertainment factor.

Hillary swooped by and picked us up in the morning, and I loaded Presto onto her trailer with her 3yo mare Luna. And then immediately realized that the combined age of the horses in the trailer was FIVE, and therefore me and Hillary are clearly gluttons for punishment. But the kiddos were fast friends and the trip to Pine Hill was uneventful.

Presto’s butt is the same height as Luna’s but hers is about 4x as wide, which made it extra comical

Of course riding in the trailer for an hour and half meant that Luna was now THE BEST FRIEND HE’S EVER HAD, so there was initially a lot of screaming. I did some lunging sporadically, since moving the feet always helps the brain, and while he stayed Very Excited To Be Here throughout the day, he did settle in. I led him around the facility with the group, letting Presto hang out and watch the other horses jump.

When we made our way through the woods and back around to the water, I walked him up to the edge and let him get a look. He immediately took a long drink and then – very abruptly and catching me totally off guard – he zipped into the water, dragging me with him, and plopped down to roll. This little shit. I was halfway in the water jump, boots now soaked, trying to get him up. Everyone found that to be quite hilarious.

I managed to pull him out, then led him around the other side to attempt a more polite and proper walk through the edge of the water. YEAH NO. THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED. But at least this time someone was ready to video…

Oh my god, y’all. I’ve never been deep sea fishing but I can imagine that’s what it’s like having a shark on the line. He tried his damndest to drag me in and roll again, but I managed to win that battle. I mean, I’m glad he’s not worried about water, but lord. I am 100% going to end up taking a bath in a water jump one day. It’s like you get him anywhere near it and he’s gotta stop drop and roll as if he’s on fire.

Image result for you're not on fire ricky bobby gif

After the group wound down, I found a group of little baby Starter fences that I could lunge him over. Last time he was here he jumped a log and a coop, so this time I wanted to find some different jumps to see what he thought. After his little display at the water I thought he might be a amped and enthusiastic, but yeah… no.

turns out he can take off and land at the same time, so there’s that hidden talent

Since I haven’t lunged him over a jump in ages, first we went for a little teeny tiny baby box. Which he… trotted over. That clearly wasn’t exciting in the least. So I thought I’d be really clever and take him over to the Beginner Novice faux ditch, which has caused many a green horse a lot of issues in it’s day. He did actually take a canter step over that one, but that’s literally all it was, a canter step. Didn’t even have the decency to look down at it and act like he gave a shit about the horse-eating mulch.

Ok fine, lets go over to the ramp, never seen one of those before! Same reaction. Complete and utter boredom. Hmmph. Ok, so maybe the brush jump will be enough to elicit at least an EFFORT from him then? Definitely never jumped brush, and it had more height and dimension to it.

Nope. Again, just loped right over then stopped and looked at me like I was literally the biggest walking waste of time he’d ever met.

Good news – the horse is not at all worried or unsure about any of this. Bad news – he is boring AF. I mean really, he couldn’t even sorta overjump one of them and give me a good screenshot? No, no he could not. He wants to wallow in the water like a hippo and really doesn’t care about much else.

Hopefully by the next time we head to Pine Hill he’ll be rideable and I can hack him around instead of leading him. I just… dunno how I’m gonna stop him from swimming…

Black Kitten

Remember a couple years ago when I went to visit Willow Tree Warmbloods for the weekend and came home with a surprise kitten? Yeah well… oh how the tables have turned.


The SO was not particularly pleased with me when I showed up that day with Grem. At the time we had 3 dogs already, and he had never been much of a fan of cats. Grem was awfully damn cute though, and he quickly warmed up to her. In fact, I came home a couple days later to find him walking around the house with the kitten on his shoulder like a parrot. And now, despite the fact that I literally saved her from likely ending up eaten by a coyote or something, that damn cat likes him more than she likes me. Ingrate. Grem has also managed to single pawedly turn the SO into a complete, total, definitely nutso cat person. Like… he called himself a “Cat Dad” once. I’m still not over it.


He’s been talking about wanting to get another cat for a while. I wasn’t against it, but with everything else going on with the farm and the horses and the tiny house, I didn’t think now was the best time. Mostly because I know that introducing a new cat can be a little tricky sometimes, and I’m not even living at home with them right now.

But I guess last Wednesday when he went into Petco to get food for Grem, the ASPCA was there with adoptable cats and kittens. And there was an all black one, pingponging like an absolute lunatic around his enclosure. The SO had really wanted an all black one, and clearly he’s attracted to crazy since he’s been dating a horse chick for 6 years. This kitten was too much for him to resist. While most people were doing Black Friday shopping, the SO was Black Kitten shopping.


I get a text that night that says “You know how you like cats?” to which I immediately responded with “You got a kitten didn’t you?”. And then I just immediately started getting a flood of pictures of videos of a black kitten bounding around our bedroom like the Tasmanian devil.

I went and met him on Thursday and he is definitely really cute. Really really active, has a lot to say (lord he’s a screamer), and seems to only have two modes: psycho or sleeping.


As of yet the black kitten remains unnamed. We can’t really come to an agreement on that. I think a crazy black cat should have a cool name like HADES GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD or Dementor or Banshee. The SO is over there throwing out names like an 8 year old kid trying to name a black pony… Inky, Blackie, Herman. Blech. It’s bad. I think he looks identical to Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, but SO wasn’t gonna go for that either.


Grem seemed to feel a little betrayed at first by the new addition, but she’s slowly warming up to her new brother. They’re sharing her cat tower (he took over the penthouse suite, much to her chagrin) and they’ve chased each other around a little bit. I think she’ll actually love him once they settle in. She always wants to play and neither of our elderly dogs want anything to do with that. Or her in general.

Yesterday I got a video of the kitten climbing all over SO’s head, with him giggling like a little kid. I think he’s too far gone, y’all. The cat addiction has taken root.

Welcome to the family, crazy little yet-to-be-named-black-kitten!

2019 Equestrian Black Friday Deals



Some of these sales are already active, others won’t be live until tomorrow or Friday. I’ve included date info where I can, but if you’re not seeing the sale yet, try their page again later. I’m tracking many more that haven’t announced specific info yet, so I’ll keep adding to this list as more details are announced. Keep checking back here! New ones will be posted AT THE BOTTOM BY DATE ADDED so they don’t get lost in the mix!

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Making Friends and Playing Dress Up

If you’ve followed this blog for more than approximately 2 seconds, you know that Henry is a total weirdo. You also probably have heard me say that he’s not particularly “normal” when it comes to horsey societal behavior. He’s one of those horses that tends to prefer to have friends from afar – ie he wants to see the other horses but he doesn’t particularly want to interact with them. He’s got that crochety old man “get off my lawn” personality.

I love him but he’s grumpy AF

So imagine my surprise to see that he appears to have struck up some kind of kinship with the yearling, JB. I’ve caught them playing over the fence too many times to count by now.

games that involve biting are their favorite
but also snugs

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen Henry play with other horses. Scream at them, yes, bite them, yes, chase them, yes, but play with them? And seem to genuinely enjoy it? And LEAVE HIS PILE OF HAY to do it? You could knock me over with a feather. I never would believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

I guess maybe he and JB have a particular connection. They’re both weird. Super duper mega freaking weird. Like I don’t think I can stress enough how weird they both are. None of the other horses really seem to like JB that much (Presto loves to play with him, but I’m not convinced that he particularly enjoys his company otherwise), and in fact most of them seem to find him quite annoying. He’s like the mega-strange little brother that you tolerate because you have to but you also kind of want to strangle. Henry is the most easily- annoyed horse I know, yet for some reason… he’s ok with JB’s particular brand of annoying?

These derps. I cannot.

Now I catch them playing almost every day. Granted, they don’t live in the same pasture, so I’m not sure that Henry’s apparent affection for the weird kid would carry over if they spent more time in each other’s direct company. Still though, it seems to have had the effect of softening Henry’s rough edges a bit when it comes to his social interaction in general. He and the older mare are stalled next to each other and I catch them contentedly hanging out, faces mere inches from each other, quite a bit. I’ve even caught Henry playing with Presto over the fence too.

Yeah I dunno I can’t explain that. I have no idea what was even going on there. Presto seemed content to have Henry hold his chin with his teeth?

Yeah sure why not?

I even ended up having to move Henry to a different pasture, otherwise he would just stand at the fenceline of the other one (which was of course the only muddy spot on the property) and look forlorn all day. The pasture he’s in now runs lengthwise to theirs as opposed to just sharing an end, so he can stay near them no matter where they wander. He seems happier now having more and closer access to them. It almost makes me want to try turning him out with their group to see if his friendly behavior would carry over and he could be normal for once in his life. I don’t even know what horse this is. Making friends? Enjoying the company of other horses? What??? Tis a Christmas miracle.

Speaking of Christmas, I have a photographer coming out on Friday to do holiday-themed pics of the boys. I’ve never had pro pictures done of them outside of shows, but there was a great deal on holiday mini-sessions that I couldn’t refuse. It’s also possible that I bought antlers for Presto.

admit it, you know he’ll make a good reindeer

I think Presto will just wear his green Kincade halter for his pics (he also has navy leather and black leather?), since it’s festive, but I think I want to put Henry in a bridle. I just have to decide which bridle, since he has, uh… five. Hackamore bridle, side pull bridle, dressage bridle, figure eight bridle, flat hunt bridle.

The hackamore and the sidepull are out for aesthetic reasons, and I think the figure eight might be too busy. That leaves me with the black dressage bridle with black rhinestone browband (like this one, except his is not patent and doesn’t have the flash):

Or his brown flat hunt bridle, like this one:


Thoughts? They will be black background style shots, if that matters. Never done this whole photo shoot thing before!

Boring Baby

Yesterday I did a ground driving session with Presto for the first time in a few months. All in all I’ve ground driven him less than 10 times ever, and only maybe 4-5 times with a bit… I’m not trying to do anything too specific, I mostly just want to give him some idea of how to understand and be comfortable with the bit well before I swing a leg over and actually try to ride.


I really haven’t done much of anything with him, aside from grooming, for almost a month. We’re at that point where honestly he’s quite ready to throw a leg over and start riding, but also he’s not three yet. If I can get a ground person to come help me, I do want to do a few very quick and basic “rides” on him this winter, but otherwise he’s just kind of chilling, and I’m in waiting mode. Every once in a while I get him out for a short lunge or ground driving session mostly just to check in and make sure he remembers everything. He always does.

I took him away from all the other horses, groomed him, tacked him up, led him out to the arena, and he still looked bored with it all. The blown-over dressage letters that Henry spooks at every time are mere curiosities to Presto. He wants to go put his nose on them, but he’s never once even looked at them in a semi-anxious way, not even when footing gets kicked onto them and they make a scary (according to Henry anyway) noise. At the beginning of every session I always lunge Presto for a couple minutes first, going over his voice commands. He knows whoa, walk, and trot 100% now. They’re good enough to where you can even transition between gaits pretty rapidly. The word canter is only about 50/50, mostly because I rarely canter him on the lunge line. He’s a big rangy horse with a big step, I don’t think his balance or his body is really ready for cantering on a 20m circle yet.

his best button is whoa

Once I’d practiced his voice commands both ways, I hooked up the long lines. One little squeeze on the left rein to move his nose left, one little squeeze on the right rein to move his nose right, and I was satisfied that he remembered what the bit means, so off we went around the arena. We turned, we went straight, we circled, and we made a somewhat drunken attempt at a serpentine. It’s a little hard to ground drive him because he’s almost TOO sensitive and turns a little TOO well. It would be a lot easier from the saddle where I could use my leg and body. But, he definitely remembered it all, and he did everything I asked, as if he does this every day. I halted him and took the long lines off then led him over to the stepstool, jumping up and down and leaning my body over the saddle from both sides. Again, never moved a muscle. At this point we were all of 15 minutes in and I had accomplished everything I had set out to do. I slid down and declared him to be the most boring baby ever.

he thinks I’m the most boring mom ever

And when I say boring, I mean that in the best possible way. He’s smart, he retains things easily, he’s confident, he’s obedient, and he’s not emotional. He can go for a long time between training sessions and pick it right back up as if it’s a daily occurrence. He’s very calm about “working”, and is far more of a thinker than a reactor. There is no “well let’s see what kind of mood he’s in today”… so far he’s always the same.

Don’t get me wrong, he can definitely be a goofy baby in his free time. He loves to run and buck and snort and turn into an arabian anytime the neighbor cows make an appearance. But so far, when it comes to his job (if you can even call it that yet), he’s very steady, predictable, and easy.

my favorite thing about this is that there was some godawful racket going on in the woods to the left and all of his horse friends had abandoned him and disappeared out of eyesight but he wasn’t concerned.

Things might change when I swing a leg over and actually start doing things… we’ll see. I’ve had some that were exactly the same for groundwork as they were under saddle, and others that were totally different. He IS only 2 years, 8 months, and 9 days old, after all (but who’s counting?).


It’s been a long week

I am kind of functioning at peak anxiety level right now. Work has been BONKERS in a way that it has never been before. Not just busy but also weird things happening and random problems that seem to sprout up every couple hours and need to be fixed, plus process changes and system changes that may or may not be working. Our customers are trying to wrap up their end of year spending so everyone needs everything RIGHT NOW. I don’t recall a time when I’ve ever been this stressed out at work, and I’ve been here almost 15 years. It feels a little like this:

Image result for everything is on fire gif

Plus the place that I like to escape to so that I can look at pictures of ponies and see all the fun things that are going on – social media – has been batshit crazy as well. It’s like a weird game of “how freaked out can you make equestrians on social media in one week”, and the universe accepted the challenge. The depo debacle, a trainwreck of comments at the ML reappearance, the FEI making helmets mandatory (I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE STILL ARGUING ABOUT HELMETS IN 2019), and then the GM thing. Bam bam bam bam one after the other. Like for real, I doubt the Chronicle’s facebook page has ever gotten this much action in a week. It’s madness.

Image result for angry crowd gif
it’s basically this

And then I had the bright idea to listen to the Hunting Warhead podcast, about the biggest child sexual abuse websites on the dark web, how they got busted, and the people who created them. It’s beyond fucked up. I mean, really though, everyone should listen to that podcast, it’s so important to understand, but jesus christ.

Oh yeah, and my horse is lame. Makes sense since I just finished paying an unrelated $1300 vet bill. WHY NOT GO FOR ROUND TWO. IT’S NOT LIKE I’M TRYING TO SAVE MONEY FOR A HOUSE OR ANYTHING. No profit sharing or bonuses at work this year either. Hope no one wanted Christmas presents.

Image result for fetal position gif

Also this morning I tripped over nothing and fell down while carrying all the horses’ breakfast. So. You could say things are going well for me at the moment.

In between torturing myself with real life, people screaming “it was a different time!” on social media, and dropping shit, I’ve retreated to the holy sanctity of memes. You can always count on a good meme to make you feel better, ya know? That’s the kind of mindless entertainment I need right now. Here are a few of the week’s favorites:

I can’t wait for my Muddy Mayhem calendar to get here

(Hair is currently burgundy as I work my way through my arctic fox colors…)


And perhaps the most relevant:

Might try that in the next meeting. That should go over fine, right?

I’ve also started putting together my big annual Black Friday sales list, which kinda makes me want to a die a little bit in and of itself, but hey why not. If any business owners are reading this, please shoot me a message via my comment page or on my facebook/instagram with info about your sale so I can make sure you get included. This will go live next Wednesday or Thursday and as usual I’ll keep updating it as we move through the weekend. Hope everyone is ready for some shopping (I’m not, because horses)!


Happy Friday!

Stewie the Barn Dog

I have had my JRT mix, Stewie, for 14 years. He is without a doubt my OG sidekick, having outlasted many relationships, had many horse-brothers, and been on all kinds of crazy adventures with me (fact: he LOVES kayaking, and he’s also finished a 5k.). I got him when he was just 6 weeks old, sourced through a post on an online horse bulletin board of someone giving away some “oops” puppies. He’s the first dog that was ever completely my own, and I must say, he was the cutest puppy ever.


He’s been around horses for his entire life, too, obviously. I couldn’t bring him to the barn with me daily, because he wanted to stay right on the heels of whatever horse I was riding, but he still got to come out on a pretty regular basis and roll in dirt, wallow in ponds, and try to sneak bites of horse poop (why, dogs, why?).

sitting on an empty feed bag after a successful pond wallow

It’s gotten a bit harder to do that in the past several years, though. Some barn owners don’t want you bringing dogs out, which I completely understand and respect. Stewie knows Henry, but they’re more like cousins who only see each other a couple times a year on holidays. They get along well though. Henry isn’t worried about dogs, and Stewie is scared enough of horses to generally keep himself out of harms way, but not so scared that they can’t interact.

a few years ago – too cute

Not to mention the elephant in the room – Stewie has aged. He’s still got a lot of that natural JRT zest, but he’s a little more… senile than he used to be. Plus he’s gotten quite hard of hearing.

When I moved out to the farm I decided to bring him with me. I prefer having a dog around when I’m alone, plus he really isn’t happy at home when I’m not there. He’s been my best dude for 14 years, and he’s not that “into” anyone else. Not to mention that, if we’re being totally honest, he much preferred being an only dog. He and Quinn the corgi aren’t enemies, but they aren’t the best of friends either. So Quinn and the cat stayed in Austin with the SO, and Stewie moved out to the farm with me. At 14, he’s finally a full-time barn dog.


And well… he loves it. He sleeps all day when I’m at work, then when I get home he comes out to the barn with me and hangs out while I do chores. He rolls in the grass, chases lizards, and goes around cleaning up whatever few pellets the horses dropped in their shavings. When I drive the spreader out to the way back, he waits for me about halfway down the alleyway, and as I come driving back he gallops along in front of me, leading the charge back to the barn. He’s delighted, and it’s adorable.

I do have to watch him extra-closely, especially since he’s almost deaf. He’s got that terrier instinct to want to put his nose in places he really shouldn’t, so I always have to keep an eye on where he is and what he’s getting into. There are snakes and coyotes and other critters out here. I also can’t call him if he gets too far away, since he can’t hear me. When I’m working directly with the horses, he has to stay inside.

Living the barn dog life, I can really see how much he’s aged, which makes me sad. But on the other hand he’s still pretty spry and happy and energetic for a dog that’s creeping up on 15. I do know that he’s quite enjoying his new role, though… he definitely LOVES being a barn dog again. That makes my heart happy too.

Farm Adventures: The Alarm Works

I figure there will be a lot of funny faux-pas type stories as I go along with my new full time farm living, so why not just go ahead and start a series? I’ve already been laughing at myself a few times, but my favorite dumb moment so far has been my misadventure with the alarm. The property is rigged pretty thoroughly with cameras and a Ring system, which the alarms are also synced with. To start the story of how I so thoroughly tested the alarm system, first I have to set the stage for you.

See, it was cold last week. Really cold, especially for a Texan, and especially in November. I mean seriously, a month ago it was 95 degrees, and all the sudden we had a whole week where it got down into the 20’s. And it was raining. There was legit frozen shit falling from the sky (ok, not at the farm, but nearby). I know I’m a baby compared to northern standards, but I was a popsicle.

Image result for cold gif
this isn’t even an exaggeration, I looked exactly like this

So on one of those cold nights, after spending days being some level of cold 24/7, when I got in the shower after cleaning stalls and feeding the horses, I cranked up the hot water. I mean really really hot. And I let it run until my skin was pink from head to toe and I was enveloped in a steamy wonderland and I was finally hot again. It was delightful. Eventually I climbed out of the shower, feeling refreshed and happy in that glorious way that only a truly hot shower on a really cold day can achieve.

And then, my dog pushed the bathroom door open.

As soon as the door cracked enough to release all the steam in the bathroom, it billowed directly into the smoke alarm. It immediately started blaring with that horrible ear-splitting screech, making me jump completely out of my skin. Mind you, I had barely even reached for a towel at this point, much less dried off or gotten dressed.

Image result for oh shit gif

A few seconds after the smoke alarm started blaring, the Ring alarm started blaring too. From on top of the refrigerator came another ear-splitting screech, so now there were two sources of screeching creating a lovely cacophony of noise in stereo. As I’m fumbling with the towel, trying to get out in the hallway to turn the smoke alarm off, I now hear my phone in the bedroom (from yet another direction) alarming too, because the Ring sends you notifications when alarms are triggered. Make that THREE sources of screeching.

So there I am, dripping wet, losing all of my glorious warmth by the second, trying to silence all these alarms coming from all different directions. I got the smoke alarm first, hoping that if I silenced the source it would shut all 3 of them up, but the Ring kept going. I had to dash across the house clinging to my towel (hello, across the street neighbors) and try to figure out how to turn it off. I was unsuccessful, so I dashed back to the bedroom, still in my towel (hello again, across the street neighbors), and opened the Ring app, where I was finally able to shut off the alarm.

Image result for hit the button gif

Now I was wet, cold, wrapped partially in a towel, and had left a trail of water in my wake from one end of the house to the other. And I was definitely no longer relaxed. Probably a bit traumatized about taking hot showers forever, honestly. I’ve developed a real complex about it.

And then of course, the home owner texted and asked what was on fire, because I forgot they get the Ring alarm notifications too. God, I can only imagine them sitting there eating dinner or something in Florida and all the sudden their phones go off with a fire alarm at home. I had to explain that no, nothing was on fire, I was just cold and took a shower so hot that the steam set off the smoke alarm. Only me. ONLY FREAKING ME.

I guess, in the alarm’s defense, it was a really hot shower.