Review: Lund Saddlery 3 Point Breastplate

Another month, another Lund Saddlery giveaway, and therefore: another item up for review! This time we’re looking at the Lund Saddlery 3 point breastplate.

Me Red. Me famous model.

I already reviewed the Lund 5-point breastplate, and the majority of my comments from that piece also apply to this one. The materials are the same – Sedgwick leather, SS hardware, and strong navy (yay!) elastic. It has the same fancy stitching details on the wither strap (or as I like to call it, the emergency “oh crap” handle) as well as super soft padding on the wither strap and chest strap. There are snaps at each point for quick and easy on/off, plus a snap-on running martingale attachment. Like the 5-point, it comes with dee savers if you’d rather use those instead of your saddle’s permanent dee rings.


The cob size is a little bit snug on Red and Henry (both average sized TB’s) so I would say the sizing runs pretty true. As with all of the Lund tack, there are size charts available with exact measurements, so if you have any sizing questions it’s as easy as sending them a message and asking for assistance.

As far as breastplates go, the 3-point design is probably the simplest and easiest when it comes to every day use. Less straps = faster tacking up = happier lazy person. Another perk for lazy people – no skeepskin to keep clean! This design is also ideal if you are particularly sensitive to having any extra leather or straps under your calf.

My Lund 3 Point has been in regular use now since August (it even made a trip to AEC’s with my trainer) and is holding up beautifully. The leather has broken in and softened up nicely, and it still looks just as gorgeous as it did when it was new.

Now for the best part: price point. I’ve had a lot of breastplates over the years (some even purchased from France because I’m insane) and the quality of this one is up there among some of the best, while still only being $175 CAD (about $130 USD). There are a few similar breastplates near this price point, but it’s the details on the Lund that really make it stand out from the rest: the soft Italian leather padding, the top wither strap with fancy stitching, the dee savers, the SS hardware, the hardy Sedgwick leather, etc.  If you want high end beauty and quality and a mid-range price point, look no further.

Want to win your own Lund Saddlery 3 point breastplate? Go to and enter your name for the December giveaway!

Sadie’s Newest Potential Suitor?

Poor Sadie… two babies by two different dudes and here we are planning #3 by yet another. She’s like a walking episode of Jerry Springer. Such is the life of a broodmare.


This will be her first foal where the sire possibilities are truly wide open. Her first one was by Mezcalero, using up a breeding when a different mare that was booked to him failed to become pregnant. Then of course 2016’s breeding was my choice, and I went for the high blood % eventer baby daddy. But next year is the first year where she’ll be bred with the express purpose of selling the foal, looking to produce something for the hunter/hunter derby ring.

Sadie, of course, was originally bred to be a hunter. She’s by Westporte, who was a successful hunter and now a successful sire in his own right. He really stamps his foals with good movement and amateur-friendly temperaments. I’ve loved him since the first time I laid eyes on him in 2005 and to this day he remains a sentimental favorite.

I mean, HUBBA❤

Of course, I’m not involved in hunterland anymore but I still keep an eye on it, from a breeding perspective. Which stallions are consistently producing hunters, which ones are imported and continue to compete as stallions, how do the offspring look, etc. I want a good mover, a consistently good jumper that uses it’s whole body well, one that seems rideable, and of course – he has to be beautiful. To be honest, a lot of them just don’t wow me. And of course, many of the best ones end up gelded, because it’s a heck of a lot easier to show a gelding. Trying to breed for the hunter ring is hard, considering that very few of the really good ones were actually purpose bred for the sport. But there is one in particular that I’ve keep a close watch on all season: Cosmeo.

He competed as a jumper before being brought over to the US (2016 was his first year of showing here so he’s still learning the ropes) and he’s got a great Holsteiner pedigree. He’s strong in areas where Sadie is a bit weaker, and conversely I think Sadie’s best qualities will compliment him in other areas. This one could potentially be a really good match. Plus, let’s be honest, chrome doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to sell hunter babies. We’ll see who Michelle ultimately goes with, but I think he’s the front runner. Hunter crowd – what do you think?

I think the other two mares are still up in the air. If choosing the right hunter stallion is hard, choosing the right jumper stallion is impossible, especially when you want to use frozen from a European based stallion. There are so many good ones! She keeps asking for my input but I think I’m even more crippled by indecision on these. Just for fun (because it’s Thursday, and everyone needs more fun in their life on a Thursday) who would you pick for these girls?



Laken is currently doing a very good job of cooking that little Balou du Rouet baby

I won’t say my favorites yet. Mostly because I’ve got several for each mare…

Henry’s family tree

Emma kind of unintentionally started this unofficial blog hop last week when she posted about her new horse’s pedigree. The comments were great, and led to lots of good discussion… so many thoroughbred fans out there. She encouraged other people to post about their thoroughbred’s pedigree too, so here I am. Such a people pleaser (everyone who knows me is probably laughing hysterically at that).

Henny is too

I’ve owned and ridden my fair share of TB’s, plus I am a breeding nerd, so this one is right up my alley. Over the years I’ve developed some opinions (shocking) on which lines I really like, which ones I don’t, and just how much it matters in the big picture. Short version – I don’t put a ton of stake in it, but sometimes it can give you an idea of the horse, what it might be good at, and what it might be like. When I’m looking at TBs, especially ones that are fresh off the track or still on the track, I absolutely DO look at and consider the pedigree. While it usually won’t be enough to turn me away completely if I really like the horse but not the pedigree, it can definitely make me go from 90% interested to 50% interested if I see some lines that I don’t like, or 50% interested to 90% interested if I see some lines that I really do like. That’s kind of what happened with Henry. I liked him on video and I loved him on paper.

Digging into his pedigree – first of all, his JC name is Hesalmostsweet and while he is registered, he never actually raced, just trained. I had him DNA verified to confirm his identity for TIP since he was not tattooed and I didn’t get papers. He is, indeed, Hesalmostsweet, and I have the fancy official JC letter to prove it. (So everyone who keeps insisting he’s QH or Appendix – STOP IT, he just has a big butt! That means you, BOBBY!)

It is big and it is round and it is muddy

Henry did not exactly come from a blueblood Kentucky background. He was born at a small private farm in Arkansas, by a stallion named Skeet, who stood at stud for a whopping $500. Skeet himself was a decent racehorse, winning some minor stakes races on the dirt and turf. However, he has very few registered offspring, and dropped off the map in 2008. I can’t find what happened to him after that nor have I been able to track down any of the handful of his registered offspring. As it was, I had to seriously scour the internet to find any pictures of him.

Skeet, aka ChestnutHenry

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree on that one. Aside from color, Henry and Skeet pretty identical, right on down to the weird faces and tongue.

Skeet’s sire was Dove Hunt


who has produced at least one upper level eventer that I can find, 2* horse and NAYJC competitor Case Closed:

Dove Hunt’s sire is the famous Danzig, also known as a big part of the reason I was so interested in Henry. I’ve had very positive experiences with Danzig line horses in the past… I’ve found them to be honest, good learners, and very correct jumpers. Henry has definitely lived up to that. I always stop and take a closer look when I see Danzig in a pedigree.


Danzig can also be found in a similar spot in the pedigree (top sire line) of eventing stallions Sea Accounts and Sea Lion

Sea Accounts
Sea Lion

as well as one of my favorite eventers ever: Ziggy


just to name a few.

Moving on to the dam’s side of Henry’s pedigree, things get a lot harder to dig up. His dam, Lona Thump, raced but didn’t do very well, and then produced a few offspring that never did anything. Her sire, Royal N Trouble, at one time stood at Broken Word Farm in Arkansas. Which, if you google it, comes up with a bunch of stories like this: 

So, uh… big yikes. Unfortunately I can’t find much info on what ever became of Royal N Trouble.

Royal N Trouble’s sire was Royal and Regal, who you can spy in this particular little video that some of you may have seen a time or two before:

At one point he was 3rd, but faded to ultimately finish 8th.

Other names that stood out to me in Henry’s pedigree were Wavering Monarch, The Minstrel, Key to the Mint, or if you go even further – T.V. Lark, Sir Gaylord, Graustark, Sea Bird, Buckpasser, etc. There’s nothing flashy in his pedigree, racehorse-wise. No big name Kentucky sires and nothing particularly fashionable, which to me is kind of a plus. It’s not always good things that come along with those big names. Henry’s is basically just a solid, sporty TB pedigree, without any of the glitz and glamour.

And really… that’s pretty much what Henny is, too.


The great thing about not having any obligations during Thanksgiving break was that I had 4.5 days off of work and pretty much nowhere that I had to be. The SO had to work on Friday and Saturday, so the only day that I didn’t go to the barn was Thanksgiving day itself… because, being anti-social, I made my own “turkey trot” 10k through a few neighborhoods (the real Turkey Trot in Austin had more than 20k people, so that’s a NO), then spent 3 hours cooking, then ate so much that I could not move. Thanksgiving success. Otherwise though, I got a lot of riding time in.

Dude, there is literally a castle next door

We did some actual work – like our first full-intensity dressage school (he thought that was stupid) and our first full course of jumps (he thought that was amazing) since Henry’s return from rehab. But we also spent lots of time just ambling around and exploring the property’s 120 acres. I hadn’t really gotten around to doing that yet.

How to make a course with 4 poles, one set of standards, a barrel, and a coop. I need more jumps.

We ambled around the front part of the property, while Henry snorted at… I dunno, whatever Henry felt warranted a good snort. This included, but was not limited to – the trash can, the flag, a round bale, some particularly suspicious-looking grass, and THE COWS.

I finally convinced him to walk up and say hi to one of the baby moo-demons (he’s been over near them but wouldn’t get within 20 feet of the fence, because BIG BRAVE EVENT HORSE) which went really well until it licked him. Good news, Henry can jump 15 feet completely sideways in a single bound. So athletic.

We also wandered over to say hi to Dudley the mini-donk a few times, who Henry is no longer afraid of, but now he’s a little obsessed. He stares intently at Dudley and nickers at him in a fairly creepy way.

Luckily Dudley doesn’t seem to mind the creepy horse

We also discovered a WHOLE ‘NOTHER FIELD! If you walk to the very back corner of our usual field, there’s a gap in the fence. The field next to it is planted with… something… I dunno, not a farmer… and then there’s another planted field next to that, but eventually if you keep going you emerge here:

It’s a smaller field, but still big, and flatter than the other field. I’m thinking I might set up my jumps over in this field and then use the other hilly field for conditioning rides. Omg, so many fields. The footing is just as good in this one too, except for a few random stray rocks that I need to go pick up. We kept walking and found a shortcut to this “new” field from behind the arena, so it’s not such a long walk all the way around. Who even knew that was there? We also found a stock tank that we will never ever get anywhere near, because it looks like an awesome snake habitat, therefore hellsno.

King Henry surveys his lands

Henry still felt great even after a harder dressage ride and jumping day, so I continue to knock on wood that all will remain well. He has an acupuncture/chiro appointment on Thursday, and then maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe we’ll be ready to go back into lessons by mid-Dec?


So, what’s the damage?

Post-Black Friday weekend feels like we’re in the aftermath of some kind of major weather event, where everyone is starting to poke their heads back out to assess the damage and see if it’s safe.

Image result for is it safe gif

I am not crazy enough to go to an actual store during that time (ew, people, yuck) but I do question my sanity every time I put that Black Friday sales list together. It’s ridiculous, and really time consuming. But the fun thing is, there are tons of really good sales from a lot of great retailers. I usually manage to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done plus nab a few little things for myself that I’ve been wanting. This year was no exception, although I was left feeling like I wished I had more money to go around so I could support all of my favorites instead of just a few. Alas, Henny is expensive.

who, me?

I had already taken care of some of my Xmas shopping before Black Friday, via Hamer and Clay. It’s become tradition at this point, I always have to order something from her. Or 5 somethings, but who’s counting…

And then of course Riding Warehouse got my business within an hour of their sale going live, because I am powerless to resist them even on the strongest of days. Got a few Xmas presents though, and stocked up on some essentials for Henry plus nabbed his usual Xmas day bran mash. I had a few other things in my cart for ME that I ultimately forced myself to remove, so that was sad, but maybe I get a few points for willpower?

OKAY FINE I ADMIT IT, I did grab this for myself because it’s vest season and I love RW and I wanted it and it was my reward for “putting back” an $80 saddle pad and $150 breeches. Fair trade?

Then I hit up One Horse for a few more Xmas presents (and maybe threw a $10 tank in the cart for myself, wooopsy how’d that get in there?) and a couple other places that I can’t mention because I feel like the people who will be receiving those purchases will know it’s for them and I refuse to give them that satisfaction.

like this A-hole

Otherwise the rest of my purchases were not horse-related (Amazon, Spreadshirt, Redbubble, and Old Navy – although ON had thermals for $5 so I had to grab a few for riding) and therefore boring. But the good news is, 90% of my Xmas shopping is done now, and somehow I escaped it all without buying too many things for myself. Okay, I admit, that part was disappointing. Normally I buy myself really great Xmas presents.

What about y’all? What sales did you succumb to… or did you make it through BF weekend unscathed, despite my best efforts?

Black Friday Sales

Also Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, of course.


As usual, I’ll keep adding to the list as more pop up, so check back (I’ll stick new ones at the bottom of each section!).

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Canterbury HPF –  two frozen breedings available at the 50% offer price of $300. First come, first served.

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Hallowed Ground

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As a former lifelong h/j rider, I’ve spent a lot of time in arenas. Don’t get me wrong, arenas are very important. Having access to a flat open space with good, even footing is a must-have. But give me the choice between riding in a nice arena and a nice field, and I’ll pick the field 99% of the time.

For people who are thinking “is she really about to write a whole post about a field?”. Yes. The answer is yes. Why? Because it’s difficult to find good natural footing in this particular slice of Texas. Really difficult.

See, on one side of town there’s black gumbo soil… it’s a dense, dark clay that, when wet, will suck the shoes right off of a horse. When dry, it’s a bit like trotting on pottery. It shrinks and cracks and can closely resemble concrete in the summer (just ask Hillary). It grows some really gorgeous grass, but it’s not so great if you want to ride on it a lot. On the other side of town the top layer gets rocky and the grass becomes sparse, which is equally bad, for obvious reasons.

the view from the top

There are a few areas more north and east of town where the soil gets a lot better – little oases of sandy loam. Unfortunately most of those areas are about an hour’s drive from me. Therefore you have to understand how much I geeked the hell out when I realized that the hay field at the barn is a little mini-oasis in the middle of black gumbo territory.

First of all – it’s a huge space. Giant. Like it takes 10 minutes to trot a lap. It’s also sloped, which is probably part of why it dries so quickly after rain. The slope varies in different parts – most is just a gentle slope, but then there’s one decent hill out in the back that’s perfect for hill work. There’s enough flat-ish space to be able to set up a jump course or do flatwork. And because it’s got a lot of sand in the soil, it doesn’t get muddy when it’s wet or hard when it’s dry. It’s the weirdest and most miraculous thing, and probably some of the best footing I’ve seen anywhere in Texas. That’s why I have dubbed it The Field (formal title), and that’s why it has become hallowed ground for me.

The view from the front gate. Find the coop!

As an eventer, this chunk of space is incredibly valuable. I can do just about all of my riding out here, if I want to. I have a TON of room for trot sets and gallops, plus varied terrain to help us practice our balance and make us stronger. The barn owner has no problem with me putting jumps out there, as long as I move them when it’s time to cut hay. My beloved coop is already out there, but I’m going to drag a few stadium fences out as well. It would be awesome if I could jump in the field all the time… there’s so much space to build whatever course you want, and there are so many options for using terrain within the exercises. It’s an eventer’s dream space.

there it is

I’ll save the arena for days when it’s a little too wet to ride in the field (the arena can withstand fairly monsoon-like rains)… I don’t want to put so much as a divot into any square inch of that space. It’s perfection, and I want to keep it that way.