Wednesday’s 5 things

I’m pressed for time (I may or may not be hiding in a corner at work right now) and just way too tired to make coherent sentences today, so here’s a quick and dirty mid-week list of observations.

1) Being a grown-up sucks. I hate work. Too stressful. Yesterday I was ready to jump off the roof by 8:30am. Right now it’s 9:38am and I’d give a few appendages for a nap and/or vodka lemonade.

2) I tried Henry in a boucher yesterday, thinking he might like the stability more and be less chompy. It’s cute when I get ideas. If anything he was MORE chompy. Womp womp fail. But he was still pretty good. I’m most impressed with how much his walk has improved… it’s much bigger and he’s definitely feeling way looser in his back. Coincidence that this started right when I got the Ogilvy, or just completely a side effect of flatwork boot camp? Hmmm…

Too sleepy to ride today, come back never


3) Sadie was bred yesterday and Jez was bred last weekend, so everyone cross all your crossables for beautiful black dots on the ultrasound when they go back in a couple weeks for their pregnancy check.

4) I ordered six more monograms from Personally Preppy. I see a 12 step program in my future.

5) I have to admit, I’ve gotten a little excited about the prospect of having access to some eventer folks at the new barn. The idea of galavanting off to the dark side once or twice a year definitely has it’s appeal. I loved eventing, but I’m not an eventer, if that makes any sense. But having it as an “on the side” thing that I do for fun every once in a while to break up the monotony of jumper shows could be perfect. So I’ve been browsing through the rule book, reading up on what all has changed in the past 10 years since I last stepped foot in a dressage ring or start box. I’ve also been browsing gear a little bit… I mean, even if I never actually did an event, owning an XC vest isn’t really such a bad thing right? 😉

Hello, baby horse friend!


Happy frickin humpday.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s 5 things

  1. “happy fricken hump day” sums up my feelings perfectly. And yes to owning an XC vest. I no longer event but my vest gets more use now than it ever did when I was riding my mare XC.


  2. What kind of Baucher? I’ve been contemplating trying Fiction in one. I need something that is a step down from his three-ring gag, but still there for jumping. I thought he might like the stability it provides as well, but now I’m not so sure. Gah, dilemmas….


    1. I have 2 helmet monograms, a breeches monogram, glove monograms, one for my grooming tote, two for my brushes, one for a fly bonnet, one for a fly mask, and one for my crop. That’s a little embarrassing when I actually type it all out. Beware the monogram addiction!


  3. I am totally with you on the monogram addiction. I just like to think of it as an investment- surely no one will “borrow” anything when it’s got my initials plastered all over it??


  4. I still can’t decide whether I should just go ahead and get the helmet monogram. I’m worried it won’t stick evenly, and then I’ll end up with bits a pieces of a monogram on my expensive helmet.


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