New Barn: Day 1

First of all, the commute is fantastic. I left my house at 6:30 (still lots of rush hour traffic around here) and it took me a grand total of 19 minutes with nary a dime spent in tolls. Fantastic.

I got there and started unpacking all my stuff into my new locker. Then I rearranged it. Then I rearranged it again. Times like these are when it sucks to be so OCD about things. But I finally got it all in an arrangement I’m happy with, although I’m gonna go buy a big Rubbermaid drawer for the bottom and another smaller one for the top, so it will change yet again.



Then I got pony out to tack him up. I think he was really digging the giant industrial powered fan in the crosstie, considering it was still 93 degrees. Also interesting to note: he’s had a runny eye for about a month now that has not gone away despite all my efforts, and all of the sudden within 24 hours it’s gone. Coincidence?



I rode him in both rings and around all the fields. He was a little nervous and snorty about things, especially the big ring with all the jumps and standards. That’s pretty normal for him on a first ride at a new place though, he thinks everything is gonna eat him. He was really good for hacking out in the fields though.


After the ride I hosed him off then took him out to graze while the sun set. I’d call the first day a success. Pony seems happy, I’m happy… hopefully this is the beginning of a great new chapter.

graze1 graze2

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