Weekend recap: I need a nap

Why is it that long weekends always seem way more tiring? In my mind I’m always like “Yay, extra day off to relax and recharge!” but it never actually turns out that way.

On Thursday they let us out of work early so I ran to the barn to ride before it got too hot (hahahaha). I stopped at the tack shop first to buy a Kastel shirt and instead came out with three. Oops. Love them though, will definitely be doing a full review soon. Henry hacked well, although I kept it short because of the heat. When I got there at 1pm my car said it was 93 but when I got back in to leave at 3pm it said 100. Summer has officially arrived. Oh, and I tried to take a confo pic of Henry in the crossties but first he made this face…


which made me giggle but I said “No Henry, for real, stand still and look normal.” So he did this.


Then Thursday night was the first pre-season cyclocross practice of the year. I’m so excited! I will have to explain CX on here at some point, but basically picture something in between mountain biking and road cycling, with a whole lot of ridiculousness and some Twizzlers thrown in for good measure.


Friday night we headed to a block party, armed with the watermelon Jell-O shot recipe from Buzzfeed. Important to note – thank god we read the comments first because the recipe they listed was way off. We modified it and it actually turned out really good… I was picturing all kinds of terrible Pinterest fail results. They packed a serious punch though. Between the two halves we had enough to cover both the block party on Friday night and the birthday party on Saturday night.


Saturday and Sunday were both pretty tame, horse-wise. It was still super hot but I got to the barn early and managed to avoid the worst of the heat. I jumped him a little on Saturday and he went around ok… dragging me a bit, which is a little out of character for him. But the ring is a lot bigger than we’re used to and he’s still not totally settled in yet, so not a huge surprise. Kinda funny – they were having a Greg Best clinic at the barn next door, and the wind carried his voice so perfectly I might as well have been sitting IN the ring with them. I could hear every word. Woo, free audit! 😉


I also tried again to get a confo pic, but he just gave me this look. Whatever. I’m done trying.



Did anyone take advantage of the 4th of July sales? I scored a Tekna Pressure Eze girth from Victory Canter for $40! Pretty happy with that considering the cheapest I could find elsewhere was $72. Sir FattyArmpits has been getting rubbed a bit by his Pro Choice girth since it’s gotten so hot, so I’m hoping that this one’s shape will suit him better. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all but it’s bothering the heck out of me.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend. And happy Monogram Monday!



15 thoughts on “Weekend recap: I need a nap

    1. I thought for sure they’d fall off almost immediately but I rode in a freshly watered ring on Thursday and they didn’t even so much as budge when I wiped them down.


  1. Those jello shots look awesome. Also, your monogrammed boots look awesome. I blame you for my ever-growing list of “cool horse things I ‘need'”


  2. I am a dumb ass and ordered a bunch of stuff right before the 4th of July sales so my budget was spent by the time they hit. The jello shots look amazing! I’m interested to hear whet you think of the shirts. Henry looks really good, even if he wouldn’t pose for the conformation shots 🙂


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