This weeks rides and July recap

This week really wasn’t all that interesting. Monday I had zero motivation so I just threw Henry’s hackamore on and went for a gallop around the property. At one point he decided that he felt terribly naughty and tried to buck me off. Of course, not real bucks, just little Henry wannabe bucks. He did manage to get his head between his knees to the point where I had a momentary concern about him flinging the hackamore right off his head. Other than that it was mostly just hilarious.

Lies. I am good boy.
Lies, all lies. I am always Good Boy.

On Wednesday his new figure 8 bridle came. Let me tell you how obsessive I am about fitting a bridle… my friend came to hang out and take pics, and about half of the pictures she took are me adjusting the bridle. Pretty sure I spent longer doing that than I did actually riding the horse.

bridle1 bridle2 bridle3 bridle4 bridle5

See? OCD level: high. Henry got so bored he fell asleep.

But I did actually get ON the horse finally and we did a simple hack. I wanted to make sure the new bridle fit before I oiled it, so the reins were super stiff and making me nuts. I’m a little sad that the quality of this Ovation is not nearly as nice as my old one, but it’s decent. Just needs major oiling.






Yesterday’s ride was much of the same thing, although we hopped over a few jumps just to see how I felt about the bridle over fences. Opinion is still up in the air.

Otherwise, for a July recap: a lot has happened.

1) New barn

2) New trainer

3) Played around with different bridles/bits

4) Got back to jumping regularly after spending June doing mostly flatwork

No horse shows and nothing that interesting… it’s just too hot. I tentatively have two shows planned for September and then we’ll see about the rest of the fall after that. Assuming of course that the VS thing doesn’t totally blow up and cause problems.

I also may or may not have ordered a second Ogilvy pad and I’m so excited. Happy almost birthday to me. I always give myself the best presents. 😉

23 thoughts on “This weeks rides and July recap

  1. No better person to buy gifts I reckon ☺
    I can’t wait to see photos!

    How cute is H in the bridle? Hope you like the quality better after oiling and that it holds up well to wear!

    What is your lovely tattoo lf if you don’t mind my asking?


    1. Heh, here’s where my nerd really shows…

      It’s a conglomeration of Narnia stuff, with Hogwarts/Black Lake as the background. Fledge (the Pegasus) is the main thing in the center, with Reepicheep and The Dawn Treader in there too. Eventually it’ll get extended all the way to my elbow once I figure out how I want to do it.


    1. I was just gonna get another cover, but really it’s only $75 more to get the whole thing and then I wouldn’t have to swap the inserts back and forth plus I’d have an entire spare. I got a more dirt friendly color combo this time – greige with navy binding and chocolate piping.


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