Weekend recap: epic ass-saving

Last week was a long and busy one at work, so I was pretty darn happy when Friday rolled around. Even better: they had Amy’s Ice Cream come in the afternoon for free sundaes! Not gonna lie, it was totally the highlight of my week. A scoop of Belgian chocolate and a scoop of Mexican vanilla with heath bar, oreos, m&m’s and hot fudge on the top. Yes, I’m trying to lose weight right now. No we’re not going to talk about it. Free ice cream doesn’t count.


Plus when I got home I found that my Interrupters album had come. It’s their debut album and I’ve been waiting a year for it to be released so I was pretty darn excited to find the LP and CD sitting on my doorstep. If you’re into punk or ska you should check them out… Tim Timebomb from Rancid co-produced the album and he’s in at least one of the tracks. You can listen to it here.


This weekend my lesson was on Saturday. I rolled out of bed at 6:30 Saturday morning and was delighted to find that a cold front had blown through. Look at what the temperature was when I got to the barn. In August. In Texas. Unbelievable. I was actually a little cold.


The lesson was pretty good. I kept my head straight this week but kept having to be reminded to keep my thumbs on top. One bad habit at a time I suppose. Lead changes were better though!

After several warmup jumps we had a pretty simple exercise that went something like this:


Jump 1 was about 2’6″, jumps 2 and 4 were 2’9″-3″ and jump 3 was a pretty good sized 3’3″ oxer with width to match. The turns weren’t super tight but there wasn’t a ton of extra room either. To get a good approach to 3 I had to jump 2 at an angle and go around a jump that was a few strides after it. The first time through I was good at 1 and 2 but I TOTALLY botched 3. I didn’t see any spot whatsoever so I did the (not at all) intelligent thing and whoaed like hell. How or why Henry actually jumped that fence I have no idea, but it was pretty much from a quarter stride spot with a barely cantering pace and me staring straight down at it. We landed in a big ugly heap, but he went and he made it across the jump without a problem. Generally he is not the type of horse to perform epic ass saves, especially at bigger (to us right now) oxers with zero momentum, so I was pretty amazed that he did it at all. I 100% thought he was going to stop. Trainer said “Good for your horse”. I agree… I was very proud of him for that. We finished the exercise without a problem then came back and did it again near perfectly and called it quits for the day.

I have to admit, I was way more proud of my horse’s epic ass save than I was about the fact that we did it correctly the second time. He showed a lot of maturity and good-hearted “ammy-proof” qualities with that one. He got a nice liniment bath and lots of booty scratches.

So ittttccchhhyyyy
So ittttccchhhyyyy

Saturday afternoon was filled with non-horsey activities, and I was so tired on Sunday I didn’t drag myself out to the barn until mid-morning. We managed a short easy hack followed by a long walk around the property then I grazed him for a while. He was mesmerized by Trainer’s horses on the automatic walker.


Then I started watching Sherlock on Netflix. Because of course I needed another nerdy obsession. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight while SO is at pinball?


19 thoughts on “Weekend recap: epic ass-saving

    1. He’s a little bit Matt Smith-ish. But I drew a line more to the way Robert Downey Jr played the character I guess. I liked it, wasn’t omg obsessed with it, but I’ll watch it. It’ll keep me busy til Doctor Who comes back. 😉


  1. What a great way to top off a crummy week, that sundai sounds legendary.

    Sherlock is awesome, binge watched season 1 & have seen episode 1 of season two. As I’m feeling a bit under the weather myself this evening you have just helped me decide how i am going to spend my evening – thank you ☺


  2. I love Sherlock. I have re-watched all 3 seasons at least twice.

    What a good pony you have to save you when you needed it! We all have those less than stellar rider moments and it’s nice to get saved every now and then.


  3. Yum, ice cream! I am also trying to lose weight, and I’m pretty sure that ice cream when it is over 100 degrees doesn’t count either;) (my pants seems to disagree, but whatevs)


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