Mango Bay coupon code and CANTER swag

I’ve got two super fun ways to spend money today!

First – Mango Bay Design has been kind enough to offer my readers a 15% off coupon code! There have been some recent additions to her shop so if it’s been a while since you’ve browsed, go take a look. Use coupon code fbpony14 for your discount.

MB = Happiness
MB = Happiness

And since Viva Carlos’ latest blog hop determined that we all need more poneh shirts, here’s your chance to add to your collection while also benefiting a good cause. CANTER TX is selling these super cute t-shirts! TB fans, you need one.

cantershirt1 cantershirt2



To order:
– Paypal
– Price is $25 including shipping, or $20 for local pickup if you’re in/near San Antonio.
– Make sure to put CANTER Texas shirt in the message, as well as your size.
– Keep in mind these are slim fit. If in doubt, order a size up.
– If you want more than one shirt shipped, email the above address for price.

The ponies thank you for your support!



27 thoughts on “Mango Bay coupon code and CANTER swag

  1. I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way, i love following all things 900fbpony but you are a danger to my bank balance :p
    If i live din the States I’d be in even more danger, as it is my spending is seriously limited by the international shipping charges!
    The day you post stuffs for euro sites – I’ll be in big trouble! *cowers-and-hides-visa-in-freezer*


  2. MangoBay has been on my list for a while! I love how they look and the positive review that you have written makes them all the more tempting. Now I just have to decide on a color…


  3. I definitely need one of the belts and the t-shirt 🙂 It took awhile to sell me on the belts because I don’t normally like those kind of buckles, but all there’s just so many positive reviews out there. Plus, I totally trust your opinion on all things awesome 🙂


    1. You could match the belt to the shirt! 😉 I normally don’t like those kinds of buckles either but I love how flat these lie underneath things. Especially show coats. And they don’t slip open/loosen like most do.


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