In which Henry thinks he’s Super Naughty

On Tuesday I was feeling pretty lazy and unmotivated (this has been a trend lately), so I just put Henry’s hackamore on and decided to have a simple fun ride. My friend Amy came out again to play with her camera therefore we have photographic evidence.

He was extremely enthused about the ride from the very beginning…



But he started out pretty normal

canter1  trot3canter3 trot5


Until the lightbulb went off and he realized “Wait a minute… I’m in my hackamore… I CAN PLAY WITH MY TONGUE!!!!”


So I reached down and played poke the flopping tongue while he cantered around the ring yelling “You can’t take away my FREEEEDOOOOOM”, Braveheart style.


Poke the flopping tongue made him angry, so when we started jumping he decided to teach me a lesson and be horribly naughty.


He dolphined all the way through the corner, but he doesn’t seem to realize that bucking should also include the hind end, not just the front. He was very impressed with his rodeo display. I on the otherhand was overcome with hysterical fits of laughter. Naughty Henry becomes confused as to why the human is not appropriately terrified of him.


I was laughing so hard I literally had to stop and collect myself to avoid sliding right off the side. This must have broken poor Naughty Henry’s spirit, because after that he just jumped around with a defeated attitude, like he wasn’t sure how I possibly survived but surely some kind of magic was involved.

jump1 jump2 jump4

Poor Henry. Some horses are just really bad at being bad.

Oh and PS – if anyone is interested in a horse size Ovation figure eight bridle, I have one for sale. 😉



29 thoughts on “In which Henry thinks he’s Super Naughty

  1. Hahaha – Henry is hilarious – them tongue antics! Maybe he want’s to be Miley Cyrus rebellious…keep an eye on him! 😉
    I am intrigued by figure 8 bridles, but know nothing about ovations…is this the one you bought recently? I might be interested but if someone Stateside speaks up – postage is easier when staying your side of the Atlantic :p

    PS: Am so jealous of your friend coming to snap such fab photos of you guys (you look fab as always), would love to have a snap-happy friend on hand to document my spins with K & N.


    1. Yeah it’s the one I just bought. I don’t really like how he goes in it, and I finally was able to talk to PS of Sweden about their bridle so I think I’m gonna go with that one instead.


        1. Shipping is actually pretty reasonable. $27 USD and they have no problem doing it, luckily. AND we’re exempt from the VAT which is included in the price, so it’s like a discount! 😉 I just need to measure him and figure out which size he needs, plus the model I want is backordered until mid month anyway.Thank you for the offer though! I can see some terrible enabling in the future from you.


    1. He used to go in it all the time, he’s really good in a hackamore. This one just doesn’t give me quite the level of precision and control that I need for bigger courses so we moved to a snaffle instead. But I do still pull this out occasionally, both to give him a break and because I think it forces you to ride more from your seat and leg. You definitely can not ride primarily off your hands and be at all successful in a hack like that.


  2. Even Naughty Henry is completely adorable 🙂
    PS…your ‘fbpony14’ promo code convinced me to purchase my very first Mango Bay belt.

    My bank account is not happy with you, but it’ll have to get over that haha


  3. Love the photos of the tongue and the earlier post this week about Mango Bay belts. I fell in love with them earlier this year ❤ How much were you looking to get for the Ovation Figure 8?


  4. If I didn’t already have two figure eights (and a decidedly cob-sized horse), I’d be all over that bridle. My bank account hates me too.

    You guys look great together! The tongue is hilarious.


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