Blog tack swap/sale update

Attention other bloggers:

Since there seemed to be a lot of interest in this idea when I mentioned it yesterday I figured I would give everyone a heads up over the weekend. I do plan on setting this up next week, so now is the time to go through your stuff and make a list and take some pictures. Think of it as summer cleaning!

salememe1  salememe3 salememe4 salememe5 salememe6 salememe7 salememe8

14 thoughts on “Blog tack swap/sale update

  1. “Shut up and take my money!!!!”

    I’ve got tons of stuff to sell, but of course I won’t make any money bc I’ll just use it to buy other things. >_<


  2. this is a great idea!! I just moved into a new house and part of that is going through the eight gazillion horse bins in my parent’s garage and sorting out what I want to keep, sell, and throw away…


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