Gymastics video and Equine Couture disappointment

First – a few clips from an impromptu hop through the gymnastic on Wednesday night. The third time through counts as my Fail Friday when he tripped over the tiny crossrail and we almost ate it.

Gymnastics 9/3 from amanda chance on Vimeo.

As for the other topic of the day: I’m super disappointed with Equine Couture. I bought their quilted suede belt this summer and really liked it at first. Unfortunately after only 4-5 wears (and nothing crazy, just regular to-the-barn-for-a-couple-hours wear) the fabric on the keeper started to unravel pretty badly at the edges. Now pretty much every time you touch it, more fabric unravels and comes off. After so little wear it just shouldn’t look like this.

ECbelt2 ECbelt3

I sent EC a message with pictures via Facebook a few weeks ago, which was read within an hour of me sending it. I even included my email address if they’d rather contact me there or forward it to an appropriate party. I sent the same message via their “Contact Us” form on the JPC (their parent company) page. Unfortunately that’s as far as it went. They never contacted me back at all. I will take this as a lesson about EC/JPC and choose to not buy anymore of their products.

Boo, EC. Boo.

20 thoughts on “Gymastics video and Equine Couture disappointment

  1. I have a pair of ec breeches, but can’t wait to try ADE! And maybe animo some day at right price. I think you find great stuff and are very reliable on your reviews and critiques. So thanks for that!


  2. Not surprised they didn’t stand by it. EC pretty much makes a name for itself by knocking off other products and providing cheap and trendy goods. Doesn’t make it right, but I think you get what you pay for usually.


      1. Totally with you on the shell it out up front. I much prefer to buy the nicer quality items than to have to replace a sub par quality item over and over – which ends up being more expensive long run. Dissapointing that they didn’t get back in touch with you.

        My patience for bad customer service is so low right now!


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