Stalker level: Expert

Remember last week when I eagerly (naively) made that super optimistic (stupid) post about my horse show plans for the fall? The first one is supposed to be this weekend. Remember that last line “Of course now that I’ve put it in writing I’ve probably cursed myself for sure.”? It’s cute when I have hopes and dreams and plans. You know that giant cold front that’s making it’s way south across the country, bringing rain and storms along with it? Guess when it’s supposed to get here?


On Monday I wasn’t that worried. They had a 20% chance of rain for Thursday, 40% Friday, 30% Saturday. Then yesterday shit got real and all the sudden they’re saying (depending on your source) 40-60% Thursday night and 60-80% Friday night into Saturday, with anywhere from 1/4″ (we can probably live with that) to over 1″ (WE CANNOT LIVE WITH THAT).


Here’s the real problem: the rain date for this show is next Saturday, the 20th. I already had another show planned for that day, the TB benefit show, plus an XC school the day after. Not to mention that I’ll be out of town next Monday through Thursday. Not ideal times a million. Why you gotta do me like this, weather???


So now I’ve become super obsessed with checking the forecast, hoping it might somehow magically change in the next day or two. I’m checking 4 different websites at a total stalker type frequency (FYI they don’t update it every 5 minutes, what’s up with that?). I like to send emails and facebook messages to friends when a percentage goes up or down. Sorry, friends. And what happens if I’m not near a computer? Never fear, I have THREE different weather apps on my phone! Someone will tell me what I want to hear eventually, right? I see you, cold front. I SEE YOU!


Anti-rain dances, everyone! Like you mean it!


28 thoughts on “Stalker level: Expert

    1. And next week’s weather isn’t looking a whole lot more promising either. As of last night the giant puddle in the end of the big ring was just barely dried up, so I don’t see it being able to take much rain.


  1. Hahaha this is too funny! Although I am also completely guilty of stalking the weather every 5 seconds when I need good weather for something, so no judgement here.

    I’ll put my dancin’ shoes on 😉


  2. You sound like me when I have a show coming up! I’ve decided it’s not that bad until you fling your phone across the arena because your radar won’t load in BFE.

    …Not that I’ve personally done that. Ever.


    1. Hmm, you might be on to something. I think part of my grumpiness is that I shelled out lots of money on my new Ogilvy pad and my PS of Sweden bridle, yet neither of them are here yet. I’m suffering from withdrawal and therefore must be extra grumpy.


  3. i have very conflicting feelings about this, given our sahara like conditions. nonetheless, it SUX to have your plans thwarted. i stand with you on that. (perhaps daniel should put up a cover rather than enlarge the arena!)


  4. No one understands weather stalking like horse people!! 🙂 I always think it’s hilarious how easily hI bond with fellow horse people over weather apps for phones, their ease of use, and accuracy!!


    1. The bigger problem is parking. The entire trailer parking area is on grass, with black soil underneath. Also two of the four rings are grass. Once it gets wet it’s very very slick. Much different soil and grass down here.


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