Weekend recap: SAVED!

Since the show got cancelled due to rain, my weekend didn’t start out very well. I tried to eat my feelings


And treat them with a little retail therapy


But to say that I was a pretty grumpy person on Saturday is probably the understatement of the century. Then on Saturday evening I got a message from the eventing trainer at the barn, asking if I had any interest in hauling out the next morning for a last minute impromptu XC school. Ummm lemme think about it for a millisecond… YES!!! Weekend saved!

So we loaded up the ponies on Sunday and headed off a couple hours north to MeadowCreek Park. They had gotten very little rain so the footing was perfect and the weather, aside from being humid, was nice and mild.

I have to be honest and say that I thought Henry would be a bit spooky and backed off of the XC fences a little. I wasn’t sure if he’d get in the water or jump a ditch. Here’s where I get to admit that I was wrong.


He started out a teeny bit looky and kinda jazzed up (he jigged a few steps when we first walked out to the field… he never jigs) but as soon as he jumped a few he relaxed and was just a rockstar. There were a couple things that he checked in with me about “Are you sure we should jump this?” but I just closed my leg and he motored right over. He even jumped a log out of the water. Pretty darn thrilled with him and he seemed to have a blast. By the end he felt very confident and more bold – exactly the effect I was hoping for.

I also got to meet Jen from Wyvern Oaks, her husband, and the super adorable duo Paddy and Brego. Watching Brego jump around was awfully darn cute, he’s a very cool (and giant) dude. Jen was also kind enough to take video so I’ll get that up sometime this week.


Today I’m off to Georgia to Rising Star Farm to spend a couple days playing with stallions and babies. I will take plenty of pictures, of which probably 90% will be selfies of me and Valentino. Prepare yourselves.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and has a good week ahead!

27 thoughts on “Weekend recap: SAVED!

  1. Crispin and mac-n-cheese? How can you go wrong there?

    And Henry was EPIC this weekend! What a good boy, and so game! I’ll send the vids as soon as I can.

    Also, I’m not sure how you did it, but you made Paddy and Brego look the same size in that pic. Impressive!


      1. Truly, it’s not that difficult. You could probably get most of your arm in there before he’d notice something was amiss… can you say 7 inch bit?


  2. what an awesome and fun weekend – so glad you got to get out and do fun stuff even with a canceled show 🙂 and even better that you got to go meet other bloggers (and their celebrity horses lol)


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