Hope is alive! But… (poll)

As we all know from my incessant whining, the show last weekend was rained out and rescheduled for this weekend. Due to another deluge of rain it was rained out again and moved to November 8. Score. That works much better for me since the TB benefit show that I wanted to go to was also scheduled for this weekend. That too was rained out but rescheduled for next weekend. Double score.

So now it looks like both shows are once again do-able, of course barring any further rain or other complications (knocking furiously on wood).

Here’s the rub: I now have no idea what to enter at the TB show next weekend. The great thing is, they have a crap ton of options. The bad thing is, well… they have a crap ton of options.


Originally my plan was to enter the little hunter derby and a couple of jumper classes. Now that we’ve gone XC schooling I feel like the eventing derby could also be a viable option. The highest classes at this show are 2’6″ and the biggest eventing derby is Beginner Novice. It’s BN Test A and then a course of 10-14 combined stadium and XC obstacles. Pretty basic. The hunter derby is 2’3″ with 2’6″ options. Also very basic. There are only two 2’6″ jumper classes. They have dressage classes too. So… what the heck to do? I feel like I could do the eventing derby (at BN) and the hunter derby and be ok. Timing wise it would work out fine and he’d definitely have enough left in the tank to hop around a little hunter derby. Or I could do just the eventing derby and leave it at that. Or just the hunter derby and the jumper classes, since I’m not 100% confident he’d get through XC without a stop and we definitely haven’t worked on dressage at all. On the other hand this is very much a tiny schooling show and I wouldn’t be that upset if he did have a greenie moment, and the XC looks to be very straightforward.  Commence new incessant whining: I dunno what to doooooo.

Does Henry want to play eventer pony?


Or hunter derby pony?


Or jumper pony?


Or a combination of those?


We’d probably have a better chance at good ribbons (if I actually rode decently, which is always a big if) in the hunter derby and jumpers, but I don’t really care about ribbons. I just want it to be fun and for my horse to have a positive worthwhile experience. But is it too soon for the eventing derby, with only one XC school under his girth? Hmmm…

27 thoughts on “Hope is alive! But… (poll)

    1. I could do two of the three with no meth, since there’s really not that many jumps involved and the warmup would be minimal. 😉 But all three is probably a bit much, there’s only so much Henry in the tank.


  1. You know that I voted for anything jumper-related, but I think Henry would definitely enjoy the XC aspect too! Especially since you guys looked really great in your XC schooling video 🙂


  2. The eventing derby sounds fun! What a good problem to have- the fact that your horse could be capable of doing all those things so you have to choose. =-)


  3. I think I was at the show with the pictures with the purple and pink poles. What was your horse’s show name, and what class were you in?


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