Weekend recap and a decision

Considering the massive amount of rain we got last week, I was pretty sure that the weekend was a lost cause for riding. And on Saturday I was right… we spent an hour handwalking (the turnouts have been too wet for over a week) and grazing and grooming, but that was about it. The dogs had quite a fun time hunting mice though.




I also got a pretty awesome haul of new One Horse Designs shirts in the mail on Saturday. Ordered on Wednesday, arrived on Saturday! Can’t beat that. I love them. In fact, I’m wearing one right now (the blue one with the horse head).


By Sunday everything miraculously dried out and the footing was perfect in all the rings and fields. Turnouts are still pretty wet, so Henry hadn’t been turned out in over a week and hadn’t been ridden since our XC school last weekend, but I just got right on. He was exactly the same as he always is… there’s a lot to be said for a horse that can sit for a while and not be a nut. How I got lucky enough to own two of those is anyone’s guess.

We did practice a little dressage test. Why? Because I think I’ve decided I’m gonna go ahead and try to do the eventing derby this weekend. Why the hell not. The hunter derby is a maybe… I probably won’t decide on that one until the day of. I did discover that our ability to dressage is worse than I thought, so I have a dressage lesson tomorrow. My least favorite thing in the world. Yippee. But it has to be done.

After my ride I joined in the group of eventers at the barn to watch Sylvester (one of the very few horse movies I hadn’t seen yet) and talk a little about eventing in general. Let me tell you, there are many worse ways to while away a Sunday afternoon.

Becacuse who DOESN'T go to Rolex as their first horse show?
Because who DOESN’T go to Rolex as their first horse show?

This morning I have jury duty. Ugh.

22 thoughts on “Weekend recap and a decision

  1. Ugh, I feel your pain on the dressage thing…it’s not my favorite thing in the world either. But good luck at the eventing derby, you and Henry will be bad ass! πŸ˜€


  2. I love the movie Sylvester! My old trainer showed it to me when I was younger. I think most all horse movies are cheesy and riddled with faux pas as a prerequisite but I still enjoyed it. What did you think?


  3. excited for your derby! i thought i would hate dressage lessons, but it turns out that having a trainer there makes finding solutions to problems so much easier – and getting actual productive homework instead of trying to figure it out on my own = super helpful. good luck!


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