Mango Bay F/W collection and ONE HUNDRED!

Today’s blog entry marks my 100th post. I’m not sure if I should apologize to y’all for making you read that much of my endless ranting/whining or get down and kiss everyone’s feet for continuing to come back here day after day and slog through my monotony. Coincidentally, yesterday was also a record setting day with the most views ever to date. I figured the best way to celebrate was with pictures of pretty things and less words from me than usual. Therefore – enjoy the official debut of the Mango Bay F/W 2014 collection!

Turkish belts: $28


Wide belt lovers, your wishes have been granted. These new 2″ belts fit perfectly into the wider loops of Trophy Hunters and the patterns are just beautiful. I have two of these already (the french blue “Denim Tapestry” in the middle and the black “Fall Blossoms” toward the right) and absolutely love them. Pretty sure the pink “Geranium Blossom” is a NEED too. They’re backed with webbing to add more strength and have a keeper on the flap end to prevent the excess from flapping around. These are just so pretty, pictures don’t even do them justice.

my Fall Blossom belt paired with Black Forest TS

Paisley fabric belts – $28

Spiced Paisley – great name!
Moss Paisley
Blue Linen Paisley

Also a new design for Mango Bay this season is the fabric belt. This style is 1 3/4″ wide so should work with a variety of belt loop sizes, and comes in three colors. There are lots of fabric belts on the market now but the unique part of the Mango Bay design is that the core is webbing, which helps them maintain their shape well and be more durable.

Canvas belts (new width!) – $19


And of course – new patterns for their classic canvas belts! These too are a little bit wider than previous designs, on 1.5″ canvas. At only $19 you can’t beat the price on these guys… they’re so versatile and you can wear them with just about anything.

Belt buckles – $20-28


Besides awesome new belts Mango Bay is now offering belt buckles. There’s something here for everyone, from super simple to super ornate. Definitely a must have item.

Hope you guys like the new collection as much as I do. Don’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner and these make fantastic presents at a great value. And thanks again for sticking with me through the first 100! Here’s to many more.

18 thoughts on “Mango Bay F/W collection and ONE HUNDRED!

  1. CONGRATS on 100! Not for nothing, but yours is definitely one of my favorite blogs to read on the daily 🙂 Those belts are pretty (esp the paisley ones) but I’m cautious about ordering from MB again. Glad you’re keeping her in business! Haha


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