Drunken eBaying: say hello to Frank

Ok, drunken is probably too strong of a word but let me set the stage for you here.

It was Saturday evening. I’d had a great day at the horse show, came home to find a pretty amazing offer from a custom coat company in my messages, had set up a badass lunch/dinner (linner? lupper? dunch?) of cheese and crackers and fruit and pepper jelly and trail mix, and my SO had brought home a new limited edition ice cream flavor that I’d been trying to find for a month. You could say I was riding high on life. Add in a couple of Angry Orchards, give me a computer, put me on ebay, and well… I can’t really be blamed for what occurred thereafter.

I mean COME ON
I mean COME ON

So there I was, contemplating how the day had gone and how Henry really seemed to just click with all of this. I thought maybe we could actually give this eventing thing a little bit of a go. And I thought of how annoying it was to try to ride the dressage test in my very very forward CWD… it’s just not built for that. So off I went perusing the internet browsing saddles, just kinda getting an idea of what might work and how much I was really looking at having to spend to find something decent and suitable. There was zero intention here of buying anything, mostly just thinking ahead and figuring maybe later in the winter or in the spring.

Then I stumbled across a Frank Baines Capriole. When I evented back in the day I distinctly remember sitting in a FB Capriole a few times and loving it. This one was made around that time and also looked like a promising fit for Henry. So, with my cider in one hand, giggling to myself, I made a super lowball offer that I never in a million years thought they would take. I went to bed thinking about how indignant that poor person would probably be when they saw my offer.

Guess what was waiting for me in my email the next morning? “Congratulations, you bought this item!” WHAT? Really?!?!?! I’m ok with it because I feel like I got a fantastic deal, but it was definitely unexpected. Everyone say hello to Frank. Frank Baines.


Not long after the initial shock/excitement wore off I realized I have absolutely no accessories for this thing. No girth, no extra leathers, no extra stirrups, no pads to fit it, and no black bridles. Guess what I did for most of the day on Sunday?

The girth and stirrups were pretty easy to nab for cheap from a quick cruise through ETT on facebook. Since this was an unplanned purchase I’m trying to keep everything as cheap as possible without actually being gross or heinous, which is hard for a picky person. My plan is to start with this stuff and if I actually keep doing this and like it, I’ll upgrade next year. Finding a bridle proved much tougher. I had a pretty low price point in mind but I’m really really picky about bridles and I hate web reins. Why do most dressage bridles come with those awful things? Then yesterday morning I was perusing eBay again (not intoxicated this time) and found a bridle and bridle parts lot. I again made an offer and again – it was accepted. Score! So now I have these goodies headed my way. I figure I’ll pick and choose which stuff to keep and sell off the rest.


I still have to buy leathers and a pad, although I think I’ve decided on which pad I want. I didn’t really realize quite what I was getting into here when I gleefully pushed that “Make Offer” button, did I?

There’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t drink and eBay. But if you do, make sure you’re getting a rockin good deal.


32 thoughts on “Drunken eBaying: say hello to Frank

  1. Hey, I’m always a fan of a rockin deal! Congrats on the new stuff, hope it works out!

    BTW….you do know that you officially have a foot in the dark side, right? Haha


  2. I have a Frank Baines Elan that I bought almost new for WONDERFUL deal from a saddle fitter. I love it, fits Nemo well enough, and I feel like it will hold up forever. Hope you like yours!


  3. Congrats on Frank, and your tip-toeing into the dark side! I am a dangerous Ebayer too – although since my horse is laid up I’ve been buying things for my trainer’s horse (Devoucoux stud guard girth for $100? Yes please!) Look me up if you ever want a subtle custom browband to go with all that snazzy dressage tack! No sparkles required 🙂

    Also, dying to know if you’ve ordered a BellEqui coat yet? I’m so tempted but want to hear some first hand reviews. The description of the fabric (the fleece layer) concerns me with summer heat.


  4. It’s sad, but you buying all the dressage things just made my day! You and Henry are already fully capable of kicking some ass in dressage and now you have all the gear too. So even if you do still hate it, you’re totally going to rock it 🙂


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