Impromptu XC school #2

When a friend is coming to town and says “We should go XC schooling!” it’s really not much of a decision. Especially when the destination is my favorite place for XC… Pine Hill. So much like XC school #1, this one was pretty last minute and unplanned, but that didn’t make it any less fun.

We started out jumping the BN fences but after a few they just felt pretty unchallenging, so I switched over to the Novice course. Henry is a rockstar. I’m really just kind of blown away with how good he is about XC. Never would have expected it from this horse, honestly… he’s not what you would normally imagine an eventer to be. But he just seems to really love it and is so willing.

And stills, for those who don’t want to watch video. 😉

With his new BFF pony friend



For reals. Where did this pony come from and how is he so amazing?

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