10 questions and a hydrated Frank

I love all of Viva Carlos‘ 10 questions posts. They’re brilliant.


  1. Is there something you don’t like about your riding? Lots. Mostly my hunchy shoulders and amazing ability to lean.
  2. Does your horse buck? Ha! No. He tries to sometimes but it’s just a head twisty, dolphin leap type maneuver. I don’t think his hind end has actually ever made it off the ground when he thinks he’s “bucking”.
  3. Is your horse head shy? No, but he doesn’t want his ears clipped even under sedation. I oblige him by buying him a million ear bonnets and pretending the ear hair isn’t there.
  4. Favorite barn chore to do? Feeding. I like being neighed at… who doesn’t?
  5. How many times do you ride a week? Usually 5, sometimes only 4.
  6. Who is your favorite pro rider? Joe Fargis.
  7. If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be? Same, Joe Fargis.
  8. Favorite Facial Marking? A star and snip.
  9. Leg Markings or No Leg Markings? No leg markings. I don’t mind a couple little white socks but chrome is a) annoying to keep clean b) visually tricky if it’s not totally even. Plus I always have thought that if a horse is beautiful in a plain brown wrapper, that’s how you know it’s truly beautiful. Too many people can’t see past chrome.
  10. Ever broken anything falling off? Tail bone, ribs, elbow.

Also, Frank arrived on Wednesday night and the bridle lot arrived yesterday. It was all a little thirsty so they got a good conditioning and I put together the bridle pieces I like most and think will fit the best. We’ll find out tonight! I opted for the padded comfort crown and the rubber lined reins.


And apparently we won a gift certificate for a set of FlexSleeves at the eventing derby last weekend. Anyone used these before? They’re basically like compression socks for horses which made me giggle. But… maybe? They’re meant to be used in place of standing wraps. We shall see. For free I’ll happily try them.



23 thoughts on “10 questions and a hydrated Frank

  1. I haven’t tried those sleeves, but I have used compression socks on myself. They work (I guess) but after watching their video I’m not sure I would spend money on them for my horse. Do let us know what you think of them though!


    1. I’ve used compression socks on myself as well, especially when I was running a lot. Henry doesn’t really have a tendency to stock up at all so I’m not sure he’s the prime candidate for an experiment, but we’ll see anyway.


  2. I don’t know about this brand in particular, but a friend of mine does use a horse “sock” which appears very similar, and it has worked very well for her!! Her horse has a few issues regarding that leg and the sock is infinitely easier than wrapping.


  3. I’ve only ever heard of those socks, never seen anyone try them on or use them.

    Wow, Frank is GORGEOUS! Maybe you should drunkenly eBay more often haha.
    I think Henry will look positively smashing in the black tack 🙂


  4. I’ve actually thought about buying the compression sleeves to put on Bobby the day before shows. He gets left in overnight and he stocks up horribly, but he loves to chew his standing wraps off too much to leave him wrapped overnight. Definitely do a review!


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