Weekend recap: destroyed body and soul

What a doozy. For as awesome as last weekend was, this one was basically the opposite.

even my Spocks couldn’t save this one

To kick things off on Friday, I decided to do my baseline time for 2Pointober. Since I’m a cyclist and my legs are basically the only strong part of me (not that you would ever know from my equitation), I felt pretty confident that I could get a good time. I even acquired a witness so there would be no doubt about the legitimacy of my time. And because I’m the stupidest stubbornest person in the world, I didn’t just go until I was tired, I went until my legs were quivering and my feet were numb and I could not hold myself up any longer. It’s called a challenge for a reason right?


The only problem with that approach was that the next morning I was basically crippled. My body was trashed from the waist down. Butt, quads, hamstrings, calves – all destroyed. On any other day it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but that particular day was the first cyclocross race of the season and I had a 3:00pm start. Crap. I tried stretching, I tried massage, I tried riding around on my bike for a while in an easy gear. Nothing loosened my legs up at all. As long as I didn’t really exert any force on the pedal or have to run/jump, I was fine. Unfortunately ‘cross is nothing BUT exertion and running and jumping. I came out of the start pretty strong but by the end of the first lap when we had to dismount and climb up a pretty steep hill, my legs gave me the middle finger and I pretty much just watched the rest of the field pass me one by one. I ended up finishing a miserable 21st out of 32… my worst EVER. Although I suppose I made out better than the poor girl who got wrecked at the start and separated her shoulder.

Seriously, this effing hill


And just as a nice cherry on top: my exercise induced asthma, which really only kicks in during bike races, was at full force. My chest hurt so bad and I’ve had a pretty gross sounding cough ever since. We won’t even talk about what I’m coughing up. On the bright side – at least the rest of my body now hurt just as much as my legs. Saturday night was just painful.

the Spocks left a pretty awesome sunburn line. Great, just what I needed. More awful tan lines.

Sunday morning I had plans for a jumping lesson, then I was gonna jet down to Pine Hill (about a 1.5hr drive) to cheer on some friends at an event. Unfortunately I had the worst jumping lesson I think I’ve ever had in my life, and my legs felt fairly okay so I can’t even blame it on that. I’ll spare you the details but basically I crashed my poor horse into two different giant oxers because I just could not get my shit together and make a good decision. I have no idea why Henry even tried to jump them, except that obviously he must be made of solid gold. So I did what any self-respecting ammy would do and hid in the washrack crying, blubbering something about how my horse trusted me and I let him down and was going to ruin him. I cry very very rarely but when I do it’s always a hysterical mess. And because I did that for so long I ended up being too late to really make it to the event, so I just went back out to day 2 of the cyclocross races and cheered on my teammates there instead. I just kept my shades on so no one could see my bloodshot eyes or my shame.

I love this shirt, but this weekend I didn’t even deserve “okayest”. Maybe worst.

What an utter shit show of a weekend, and it’s no one’s fault but my own.

But on the plus side, my leg already felt more solid on Sunday. Woot 2 point! Stupid stupid 2 point…

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26 thoughts on “Weekend recap: destroyed body and soul

  1. Since when do you have asthma???? You definitely didn’t have it when you were a kid. Are you sure it’s not something else…like the horrendous allergens (mold, ragweed, etc.) that were so high over the weekend???? Love the sox!!!!!


    1. Never happened until I started racing bikes… nothing must have been strenuous enough, said the doctor. But now it happens pretty much every time I race bikes. The allergens and dust make it worse.


  2. yikes what a roller coaster! awesome baseline but i’m sorry the rest of your weekend was thrown off. shit rides (of the horse or bicycle variety) happen — Henry will be fine tho. feel better soon!


  3. Yikes, sorry about your weekend! Way to rock the baseline though! I’m going to have to up my crazy factor as I only came in at 15:21…I’m also not sore today, soooo longer times it is! BTW your socks are freaking fantastic!


  4. Amazing, 24 minutes!! There IS that saying, “anything worth doing is worth doing to excess” Always happy to find I’m not alone in abiding by those words from time to time!! Great socks. Hope you’re already in bed, asleep, recovering from your wild weekend. It’s so hard to be emotionally balanced when physically exhausted.


  5. You are a wonderfully bad, bad influence when it comes to awesome products to buy. I’m sorry about the bad weekend. Your baseline is crazy! Damn girl!!


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