Cool new stuff you definitely need

Okay perhaps you don’t need to own it, but you at least need to SEE it. For as little as I care about regular I fashion I’m always so excited to see new collections and products from my favorite equestrian brands plus cool new companies. I already covered Mango Bay’s fantastic new fall line, but I figured I’d throw out a few more gems that I’ve come across lately that have really stood out in my mind.

Renard et Cheval – I’m madly in love with this new company’s show coats. They’re classically elegant but have really cool details that make them fun and unique.


renard2 Renard1

They also aren’t afraid to step outside the box for custom creations.

Bow tie = brilliant


I might not always like them (ok to be honest I hate this next one) but they’re definitely BALLSY, and I can always appreciate anything ballsy. I mean – who else has dared make a moto style jacket with zippers and red leather accents? What do you think of it? They also make maroon breeches that are a dream come true.


Kastel Denmark – my adoration for this company’s sunshirts is no secret, so seeing a new line-up of colors in their f/w catalog got me pretty excited. They’re more of a summer only item for most of you, but it’s hot enough here that I can live in them for at least 7 months out of the year. In fact I wore one last night. Plus if you stock up on them in the off season you’ll be all set when summer rolls back around.


Then they posted on their facebook page about their new line of polo shirts (ineedthese), and a prototype for another future style. I’m interested to see what they come up with next year with these!


Mountain Horse – While I’ve never been a big Mountain Horse fan, you have to hand it to them… these new brown Sovereign boots (available 2015) are pretty on point. They managed to make a really beautiful boot with enough detail to be interesting but still stay classy. With a rumored MSRP of only $369, MH is really stepping up their game. The black version is pretty too!

MH Sovereign

Cavalleria Toscana – Ok maybe I love jackets too much, but… this jacket. I have no words.cavalleriatoscanasleek

I had to put this shirt in for consideration because when I scrolled past it in their new f/w collection I stopped and stared for a minute. I couldn’t figure out if it was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen or the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.


With white breeches it could totally work, but to be honest I still can’t decide, and that alone makes it worth throwing in here.

Equifit – finally something for the ponies! Their new D-Teq boot line is so cool, especially all matched up with a half pad and ear bonnet.


Aztec Diamond – My new favorite (or at least co-favorite) breech maker finalized the beginnings of their upcoming ’15 collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on those top middle breeches. Also pretty interested to see what comes out of that little color swatch collection on the bottom left.


Swanky Saddle – for those of us who like to monogram all the things, these are a really pretty way to do it. Their custom metal saddle monograms are really classy.


And the colorful monogram bridle tags are fun too.


38 thoughts on “Cool new stuff you definitely need

  1. Agree with Alli, my wallet loves you and hates you at the same time haha.
    But I do LOOOOOOOOOVE me some Mountain Horse! I’ve had the same pair of MH’s for 4 years now, and they are still holding up wonderfully. That said, it doesn’t mean I’m not in the market for some shiny new boots 😉




    I wanted to like the brown ariats this year, but Ariat sort of hates me/doesn’t believe I exist, so I didn’t get too excited. I absolutely LOVE the design on the MH. Might be buying those. 😀


  3. Love those Renard et Cheval show coats, and am thinking of carrying the Kastel shirts and doing belts that match or compliment each color for next year. Thank you for yet another mention, and hope you’ve recovered from your xtreme weekend!!


  4. I kinda love the polka dot shirt…one could totally rock that with jeans for a night out. I saw those Equifit pads at the jumper show last week, I really liked the leather trim!


  5. thanks for the swanky saddle link! never heard of them. also, seriously been coveting the renard et cheval stuffs. i’ll take one of those models, too! if only i had a reason to need a show coat!


  6. I actually love the monogram saddle and bridle tags. I also ALMOST ordered a pair of the Aztec breeches based upon your previous review. I just couldn’t justify it at the moment (perhaps I will intentionally pop some holes in my current breeches to take care of that).


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