B&BS Blog Hop: Quirky Horse



More about that next week. For now, on to the blog hop.


Blog Shoes and Boat Shoes asked: What are some quirks, naughty or nice, that your horse has and do you love or hate them?

Everyone knows that my horse is a weirdo. Eccentric doesn’t really begin to cover it. He’s never really particularly naughty (although he isn’t shy to express his opinion, so if he’s bored he’ll paw a little or if you’ve done something to irritate him he might pretend nip at you) but he’s an oddball. He’s plays with his tongue/mouth obsessively, pretty much all the time.

Henryxties from amanda chance on Vimeo.

He’s not a very touchy feel lovey dovey type of horse, but he is highly food motivated. Give him plenty of treats and you’re golden. No treats and he’s a little bit like a grumpy old school horse. I don’t mind any of that, I just keep the treats flowing. Love via bribery is still love.

Otherwise he’s just your typical sensitive horse. Treat him fairly and he’s perfect. Treat him unfairly and he will certainly tell you how he feels about that. Hmmm… that actually makes him sound like a mare… 😉


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