Eventers: XC boot input?

I figure it’s probably time to upgrade from my 15 year old brushing boots. After much internet research I think I’m down to the Majyk Boyd Martin boots or the Premier Equine boots.






Input on either? Is there another brand I should give a serious look at? Would like to stay under $200 for the full set. Horse is pretty typical medium TB build, if anything his cannons are a bit on the shorter side.

24 thoughts on “Eventers: XC boot input?

  1. Premier equine is what most of us have and they are great. The New Equine Wear ones are nice too. My main questions are do they breathe and do they have good protection if you hit something.



    1. I have to disagree with every single con she placed…maybe she didn’t care for them properly, because mine have lasted 3 years in regular use and are still brand new looking! I also notice a huge difference in heat and water retention.


  2. My horse has short cannons. Eskadrons, Thinline, and EquiFit open front boots are all too tall for him. What works are Veredus Olympus in Smalls. That said, I own the Premier boots in size medium and find they fit him fine. I only XC school once or twice a year and only wear them for that but have been very happy with them. Even when spending goodly amounts of time in knee deep water. My guy is 15.2hh.


  3. Fawkes is a miniature TB in many ways (tiny little cob head, 15.2ish, short cannons, etc) and I like how the Medium Premiers fit him in back . They cover a LOT of geography and could maybe be seen as a little tall, but he moves in them well and they never rubbed. Fawkes went through a phase of interfering in back all the way up to the hock so they were a godsend for us. Don’t think you can really go wrong with them but I have never tried the Majyk, they look nice too.


      1. glad to know you like RW too! seems like they have great prices! (i’ve never ordered from them, but i WANT those silver DSBs with black fleece that BtB posted!)


  4. I have the Premier Equine boots for my clumsy dressage horse (he tripped and fell a couple years ago, cutting up his front legs, so I immediately bought them). I LOVE them. They’re pretty breathable and super easy to wash too.


  5. Buy the MEs. Seriously. Buy them. They are the most amazing boots I have ever owned. I also very much dislike the Premiers, as indicated by the review that Carly so kindly posted above.


  6. Wow super surpised at the non love for Premier Equines! I have these and they are phenomenal. On my third year with them and they have held up %100. Easy to put on, clean, and offer unprecedented protection. I would NOT go for ME because they majorly hold heat – a big no no.

    The other boot to consider is the Kentucky Horseware boot. These are amazing but slgihtly out of my price range: https://www.kentucky-horseshop.com/

    If you are not wanting to spend a tonne, consider Boogaloos. Perfect for Training level and below.


    1. You’re the first person I’ve heard say the ME were hot – most people say the opposite. I did go with the ME after seeing too many people complaining about the Premier hinds. Mine is funny about boots behind so I didn’t want to risk it.


  7. I have the Dalmar fronts and Premier hinds. They definitely run BIG. Bacon is all legs (pretty sure she is part giraffe) and is close to 17h. She has very long cannons, and the mediums fit perfectly on her. They don’t hold any water, so that is great, and they really do keep her legs cool. No sweat or heat after our runs, and so easy to clean. I love them! I plan on doing a review post soon, but I certainly fancy them.


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