Weekend recap: facelift

You might notice that things are looking a little blue-er around here. I decided it was time for a few little changes to the blog but didn’t want to do anything drastic. I added a few things to the menu bar at the top, changed a few other little things with the layout, and added some stuff to the sidebar. It should make navigation a little easier.

It was a pretty boring weekend around here. We got a lot of rain last week so the barn was swampy. We mainly just handwalked (which really is just Henry grazing because I get tired of trying to drag him around) a few days and that was it.

I nom so hard

Luckily I have the coolest horse in the world and sitting in his stall for almost a week doesn’t change a thing about him so yesterday when it was finally dry I just got right on and did a dressage ride. Love ponies that are so easy to own. I also got to try his new Firefly bonnets on him. As usual – LOVE!

Black square front with gray trim, white cord, and a row of black rhinestones


Ear embroidery makes me happy


V-front in Firefly colors to match his new Firefly logo baby pad

Then he did more of this:


Told you it was a boring weekend.

When I got home from the barn yesterday I was feeling particularly fat and gross (WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HALLOWEEN CANDY STILL IN MY HOUSE AND WHY IS IT SO DELICIOUS?) so I decided to go for a run. I used to run a lot when I did triathlons but I quit mainly because I have chronic exertional compartment syndrome, which makes running difficult for me. I guess I just kinda forgot about what exactly that entails and kept trying to push through it before I remembered that once it starts it doesn’t getย better, so 3.5 miles later my dumb ass ended up hobbling the rest of the way home. Legs are not happy today. I really need to get a gym membership back so I can swim again because something’s gotta give.

If you’re wondering why there have been basically no pictures of me riding lately, it’s because my awesome photo-taking friend has been pretty sick. So if you ever want to see decent pictures again, send her some positive vibes! Get well soon Amy, I think everyone misses you.

21 thoughts on “Weekend recap: facelift

  1. Wow. That syndrome sounds nasty! I just developed Exercise Induced Anaphalaxis, which is the weirdest and creepiest thing ever. What is with the human body rejecting exercise?!


    1. For me it only seems to reject running. Or riding, if I use regular fillis irons with a short stirrup length. It took years for someone to finally figure out what my problem was.


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