Those awesome mail days

I’m really really annoyed by the fact that it’s colder in Texas right now than it is in Alaska, so instead of several paragraphs of me whining, let’s talk about something fun instead.

Monday was a banner mail day… sometimes the UPS man seems like an angel in brown. All the stars aligned so that some early Christmas presents, some random stuff I ordered for our event NEXT WEEKEND (we’ll freak out about that in another post), and the stuff we won at the eventing derby all came at once. I walked in the door to a huge pile of boxes and it was awesome.


So lets explore what was in those packages.

So big and blue and beautiful.

because apparently a padded leather halter isn’t soft enough for Mr Sensitive, he has a rub on his head


Frank needed a cover



Navy. Shocking, right?

Which I promptly tried out on myself, obviously.


… and hairnets and a navy lead rope which I figure y’all don’t really care to see pictures of.

So basically expect lots of product reviews sooner or later.

Thank goodness for the cool stuff to alleviate my otherwise super grumpasaurus mood. I can’t even tell you how much I hate cold weather but opening lots of packages of cool stuff totally helps. The only perk of the cold? I get to use my new PS of Sweden quarter sheet today! I’m holding on tight to that perk, because it’s really all I’ve got. So – tell me: what was your best mail day ever? Cheer me up vicariously!

25 thoughts on “Those awesome mail days

  1. I’m loving those navy Roeckl gloves…but best mail day? Probably when I got my custom dressage saddle. I was so impatient that every time I thought I heard the UPS man I would run out onto the driveway to see. 😛

    It hasn’t been cold enough to use my PS quarter sheet, but there is suppose to be a cold front coming in so maybe this weekend after I clip my beast.


  2. Oh, best mail day ever…that’s a hard one! It was probably ~13 years ago when I received a brand spanking new pair of Ariat tall boots in the mail; I remember being SOOOOOO excited for new boots (I’d only ever had used ones). I recall pulling them out of the box, tugging them on, and wearing them for a couple of hours around the house because I’m super cool. I still have the box they came in, too- it houses my ribbon collection!


  3. Basically every time I get something new in the mail that I just ordered, it is the best mail day ever. And if the new thing has rhinestones on it, that warrants a celebration with cookies and champagne.


  4. What an exiting mail day! Love coming home to packages, it makes an ordinary day feel like Christmas! Can’t wait to read your review of the Equi flexsleeves I have been curious about them.


  5. Let me know what you think of the shimmable ECP pads. I have a shimmable half pad of theirs that I picked up off ebay, but with my other saddle pad that I really like it’s just way too much pad.


  6. My saddle was hand delivered instead of coming in the mail so I’m not sure that it counts but still… best package ever!

    Can’t wait for some reviews!


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