B&BS Blog Hop: Can’t Have Just One

I have a lesson today so hopefully I’ll have some actual riding content tomorrow (I swear I still ride), but until then…


I’m super late to this one (somehow I missed it!) but if there was ever a blog hop made for my hoarder collector self, it’d be this one.



Breeches and Boat Shoes asked:

What horsey things do you have that you can’t have JUST ONE of? From breeches, to bits, to bridles, I want to know what you hoard in the endless world of equestrian things.

Oh boy.

Well, since I gave a bridle away earlier this week I’m down to only 6 – the PS of Sweden, a Mark Todd, an Ovation hunter bridle, a custom hackamore bridle, a dressage bridle, and a spare dressage bridle (minus cheekpieces). That’s not too bad right? Planning on selling the spare bridle and maybe the Ovation.

PS of Sweden


custom hackamore bridle


Mark Todd bridle


Ovation hunter bridle


Delfina dressage bridle


My breeches collection isn’t nearly as bad impressive as some of my fellow bloggers. I’m down to just two pair of Animo, two pair of TS, a pair of ADE, and two pair of Annie’s. But of course I’m always looking to add to the collection. Looking at YOU, Tardis blue Annie’s and Spring ’15 ADE… come live at my house.


One of my major loves is bonnets, in case the big Firefly logo on the sidebar isn’t a major indication of that. I feel like I’ve displayed excellent restraint in only owning 7 (as of this exact moment in time). One for each day of the week. Maybe someday I’ll have one for each day of the month. A girl can dream.



or as SO calls them: horse yarmulkes


sometimes they’re dunce caps


or rock star hats


Whatever, they’re awesome. And Henry approved.


Belts. I have no words, only a picture. Actually I take that back, I have two words: Mango Bay. And this isn’t including the 3 belts (two Mango Bay and one C4) that live in my locker at the barn.


The last thing would be Roeckl gloves. I’m up to 4 pair – two gray, one black, one navy. I’d take 10 more in a heartbeat. BEST GLOVES EVER.

especially when they’re MONOGRAMMED

Surprisingly I don’t actually have that many bits or saddle pads…

29 thoughts on “B&BS Blog Hop: Can’t Have Just One

  1. Bahaha! Horse yarmulkes! My husband leaned over at a recent horse show and whispered to me, “do you think the lady on that chestnut knows that her white ear bonnet makes her horse look like the Easter Bunny?”

    I died.


  2. sooo many pretty things!! i definitely share some hoarder tendencies, but am trying to show restraint since i don’t actually own the horse for which i want to buy all the things… lol


  3. VERY impressed with your bonnet and Mango Bay belt collection.
    Also, Henry wins the award for making the BEST faces 🙂

    PS…loving these monster avatars/emoticon/emojis/whatever they are. So cool!


    1. It was a disaster, trust me you don’t want to order from the place I did. And the padding was supposed to be the same color as the leather, not orange, but considering this was the second attempt and took MONTHS, I just gave up.


  4. I’m such an uncool kid. I have like one bridle per horse and one saddle pad per saddle. What’s with that?!
    Seriously though, gotta love the bonnets, especially the OTTB one. So much cuteness in one picture!! Where did you get it and do they ship to Africa? 😉


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