Weekend recap: food, shopping, pony time

First of all, if I never see another turkey in my life it’ll be too soon. My boss gave our group pre-cooked smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving, which was so awesome and such a nice gesture, but with just the SO and I alone for the holiday a 10lb turkey was slight overkill. I cannot eat another bite of it, and we’ve still got a couple gallon bags full in the fridge.

I basically demolished the leftover mac and cheese. No surprise there. Cheese + carbs = love.

I DID however play around with trying to copy a local BBQ restaurant’s creamed corn recipe this weekend as well, and got it pretty darn close. This is great news because it’s ridiculously delicious and super easy, but bad news because there’s so much butter and cream in it I’m pretty sure no one wants to know the calorie content. Especially not me. I’ll just eat it and pretend like I don’t know what’s in it.

Because we had a pretty quiet holiday I was able to get in some good barn time. On Tgiving itself we had a phenomenal dressage school… it’s amazing what happens when I actually keep steady contact and ride him into it. That and wear my nubby little ball spurs that have proven essential for our dressage rides. Those are great too.

adorable tiny ball spurs

On Friday I decided Henry deserved a goof off day, so I put his favorite sidepull on and hacked around the big ring. It just so happened that there were a couple of little boxes pulled out away from a jump in such a way that made a perfect curving one stride skinny-to-skinny. I can’t resist a challenge like that so I pointed Henry at it and he plodded right over both directions on a circle and then straight across jumping both on an angle. He didn’t even blink. Obviously he’s less impressed with my ingenuity than I am.

On Saturday SO’s parents arrived in town from Chicago. Apparently it was 19 degrees when they left there and they rolled into Austin greeted by a balmy 75 degree day. Our summers suck but we definitely win winter. SO’s mom accompanied me to the barn Sunday morning to watch my lesson, which was one of those “looks really easy but is deceptively hard” lessons with poles and striding and straightness and rhythm and adjustability. It was really perfect for us because exercises like that really highlight the holes in your basics, which is ultimately how we get better. I feel like already in just a month or so his general quality of canter has improved and I’m getting better about riding a consistent pace out of the corners. Baby steps to progress!




I hope everyone was able to take advantage of the awesome Black Friday/Small Business Saturday sales. I got good stuff from several of my favorite small businesses for horse friends (and myself) and bought a few things to benefit charities. I have challenged myself this year to ONLY shop small businesses, so we’ll see how I do!

I was also presented with a pretty darn exciting once in a lifetime type of opportunity, which I may or may not be able to actually swing, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow.



13 thoughts on “Weekend recap: food, shopping, pony time

  1. Hahaha I love that ecard at the end! Hooray for small improvements, and yes, Texas definitely wins winter. Also, I do love me some roller spurs 🙂 Glad you had a good holiday!


  2. YOU are always such a tease! LOL glad you had a great thanksgiving and sorry you are up to your eyeballs in turkey! But you deserve it for teasing us!


  3. OMG YES RUDY’S CREAMED CORN. I also made it once. And never again. It’s like 3 sticks of butter, a cup of sugar, and two gallons of heavy cream. I think they throw a few kernels of corn in there, but only so you think you’re eating a vegetable.


  4. You guys totally win winter – I’m so jealous!
    Are those rollerball spurs softer than the ‘usual’ spur?
    I left mine lying around about 6 months ago and they went walkies, have been thinking about rollerball spurs but don’t really know enough about them. *blush*


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