When opportunity comes a-knockin’

You’d best do all you can to figure out how to answer the door.

Anyone who’s read this blog consistently probably knows that I’m really into sporthorse breeding and stallions.

Like here: Let’s Make a Baby!

And here: My Love Affair with Stallions

And here: Valentino Z photo extravaganza

I worked at a breeding farm for a while, my mare Sadie is a homebred, and hopefully I’ll have a new youngster coming in 2016. So… breeding nut status is well established.

Last week I got a call from a breeder friend, asking if I had any interest in going to Belgium in March to visit lots of big time breeding farms, see some world famous stallions, and attend the annual Belgian Warmblood stallion selection show.

The answer: DUH! Of course I want to go! That’s like asking a 5yo kid if they wanna go to Disneyland. Or a 20yo girl if she wants to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (side note: I want to go there too). Sadly, money is tight these days since all of my extra is being filtered into the “Get Henry to AEC’s” fund. Then she said that all I’d really have to pay is airfare because of the perks of the group of VIHP’s (very important horse people) that I’d be traveling with. Well that gets more interesting, and more doable.

You’re only allowed to spend money on ME! ME ME ME! ALL THE MONIES!

Alas, airfare is still over 1k plus I’d have to get a passport plus a little spending money for food and whatever else – about $1500. I’ve already tapped out a lot of my “I need extra money” gigs in my attempt to rake in more horse show money, booking some barn-sitting and a little mobile tack shop work when I can. Now I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to come up with extra-extra money for Belgium. I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to pull this off, but I’m gonna give it the good ol’ college try. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity of pretty epic proportions.

Because I need to meet Nabab de Reve

So on that note – looks like it’s time for all of my hunter stuff to go. Yes that means the beloved shadbelly with custom points, my Ovation hunter bridle from back when the Ovations still looked identical to Edgewood, the used-once hunter show pad, the blue Horseware coat, etc. I’ll come up with an official list later this week. In the mean time if you’re looking for something specific, please ask. Now is the time while I’m weak and vulnerable. 😉

Cross all your crossables… maybe I’ll be able to pull this off!

42 thoughts on “When opportunity comes a-knockin’

  1. Wow how exciting (and here I was hoping you got a job offer on the East Coast LOL) 🙂

    I will donate to the SEND AMANDA TO BELGIUM fund!!

    Sounds like it is right up your alley!!


  2. How exciting!!!! That is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Post your items for sale on your blog (after xmas) and I’m sure I’d be interested in one or two things 🙂


    1. Well I’ve got a box of dressage bridle parts (most new) and the Ovation raised fancy hunter bridle with raised fancy reins that I only used at shows. All horse size I believe, I’ll have to double check.


  3. Whooo! Awesome! Belgium sounds fab. I bet there are lots of delicious ciders over there along with their delicious beer.

    Hmm…sounds like there needs to be another Blog Hop Tack Swap! Maybe I’ll kick that off…

    P.S. Check Norwegian Airlines….super cheap flights to Europe right now. Like $600 RT O_O


      1. Is it like a medium or a dark brown? I’ve just inherited my mom’s 15 year old event saddle and I’m looking for dark brown tack bits


  4. PS – I don’t like when you clear out your horse stuff because then I want to buy things. I don’t need anymore things! In fact I’d probably be better off if I sold all of the things I have now and then some.


  5. what an awesome opportunity! fingers crossed that you can make it happen 🙂 (you should try to get some of the awesome companies that you’re constantly spotlighting to help sponsor your trip lol)

    in the meantime, i will definitely be perusing whatever lists of sale items you post!


    1. I’ve actually had a very kind offer from one company but to be honest – they do enough for me already. This trip is really just for fun so it only seems right that I try to accrue the money myself rather than ask people for handouts!


  6. Oh my gosh, you’ll be in my neck of the woods!!! I might have to see about taking a trip up to meet you, shall Google to see how far away it is. Or if you have time you are more than welcome to come visit LuLu. I’ll put you up, show you around & you can meet the girls!!!


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