Friday ramblings and a poll

First, thanks to everyone who shared and/or expressed interest in my logo contest. I’m super excited to see what y’all come up with! I also decided that if I get enough entries, or several really awesome ones that make picking a winner hard, I will offer smaller prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place logos as well. Not sure yet exactly what those will be, but something cool. I promise.

In other news, I had a dressage lesson last night. I’ve figured out by now that dressage just hurts. It hurts my brain, hurts my legs, hurts my abs, and hurts my pride. You win, dressage… you win. But lookie at how cool the Tardis Blue Annie’s breeches look! I’m pretty in love with them – best breech color ever. Thanks Annie’s!

Pony is learning! Rider needs remedial dressage.

If you haven’t seen it already, Now That’s the Spot is hosting another blog hop tack swap, so if you’re looking for good deals or have anything else you want to clear out before the holidays, go check it out. I’ll be going through my stuff this weekend and posting next week so I can start trying to accrue money for Belgium. Buy things.

On that sad “I’m so horse poor” note… Henry’s almost-favorite Santa (he has many because he’s an extra good boy) is gifting him with a PS of Sweden dressage bridle. He was gracious enough to let me pick which one, so I’ve narrowed it down to two:

the Flying Change Revolution (comes with a plain leather browband)

Bridle Flying Change Revolution

Super gorgeous customer photo here

or the High Function Revolution

Happy Friday!


19 thoughts on “Friday ramblings and a poll

  1. I wish I could vote for one of those bridles, but I really dislike both of them haha 😛 But that’s just me! I do love the Tardis Blue breeches though! I hope one day to own a pair.


    1. Looks strange, but it’s so awesome to actually use. Love it on my jump bridle and the horse seems to be a fan as well. Definitely the most ergonomic and horse-friendly crown design I’ve ever seen.


  2. Um, where can I find one of these Santas? Send one our way!

    Meanwhile- I really love these bridles.. been lusting after your jumping bridle since you debuted it. Foster’s bridle is a hand-me-down Stubben I’ve had for 15 years, for schooling and shows… and since it’s really lost its luster I’m thinking of replacing it soon!


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