There’s not a lot going on here that’s noteworthy. Henry’s been good, the weather has been gorgeous (Texas in winter = winning), and I’ve got no new riding pictures/video. But when I was scrolling through the pics on my phone I noticed something… I’ve got some serious horse people problems.

First, my car. There’s a lot of problems happening here. #1 – yes that’s a metal trashcan strapped into the front seat. I had to go to 3 stores to find said metal trashcan, and I needed metal so that it was rat proof. #2 – it’s strapped in because it’s full of baggies (that took me an hour to make) with rice bran nuggets, MSM, and DMG. #3 – it’s in the front seat because there’s a GIANT TACK TRUNK taking up the entire back seat. Don’t ask questions, just nod and move on. Oh, and we’re not talking about how dirty said vehicle is. So many #horsepeopleproblems.

If your helmet monogram is crooked by just millimeters it’ll bother you forever. That’s a sentence you don’t hear every day. #horsepeopleproblems

The amount of expletives that come pouring out when your beloved Amigo sheet gives your horse blanket rubs, even though it didn’t last year. So you buy him a fancy shoulder guard, which just gives him bigger rubs. AAAGGGHHHH! #horsepeopleproblems

I always wonder what someone would think if my phone ever got stolen and they went through my Notes. Lesson highlights wouldn’t make a bit of sense to someone who doesn’t have #horsepeopleproblems

and they’d be really disappointed when they realized just how useless a TIP or USEF number is to them

And finally, if your next 3 months look something like this, and you have to keep track of it with your phone lest you double book, you definitely have #horsepeopleproblems



36 thoughts on “#horsepeopleproblems

  1. It’s a sickness, really. My backseat is currently occupied by a large fleece cooler which covers my seats so the dog can sit back there and not get everything all muddy, and about 1,000lbs of dirty saddle pads and polos. And some extra boots. And random tote bags. And gloves.


  2. I have had a handful of bridle bits and pieces in my backseat for … ages? They’ve been to two states with me at this point. My dogs have tracked enough sand and gravel into my car that the back of the hatchback could be mistaken for a sandbox. I’m constantly vacuuming up hunks of mud in my house, even though I don’t wear my mud boots in the house.

    My all time favorite #horsepeopleproblem? That special funk your living room gets after you bring in a dirty and disgusting turnout blanket, spread it out on the floor in front of the tv, and stitch the damn blanket back together.


  3. The car problems! So true, it kills my husband that i store all of Mabou’s horse blankets (clean and dirty) in my trunk so i have them for blanket changes since i can’t fit them all in my locker at the barn


  4. Even my husband calls the trunk of both our cars ‘tack trunk’ now. It’s taking over. Also, someone at work asked me if I do anything besides eat and play with my horse based on my instagram…”Uh nope, not really!”


  5. These are too good! I constantly have a bucket of treats and a cooler in my car at all times and sometimes my horse stuff migrates into my school stuff…just the other day I found a pair of spurs in my school backpack!


  6. yep – the trunk of my car is absolutely a tack trunk, and there is room for literally nothing else in there. btw – your upcoming calendar looks AWESOME!! i want so badly to start planning out events again, but not living in texas means that we are definitely not #winning in winter…


  7. Oh yeah, I definitely feel ya on the #horsepeopleproblems.

    Currently in the back of my car: 3 saddle pads, breastplate, jumping girth, half a 5 lb bag of treats, empty SmartPak box (for recycling!), 2 helmets, disgusting hay-covered jacket, and grooming box. We’re not taking my car to Texas for Christmas because it smells too weird for the 8 hour drive. (Well, it doesn’t smell weird to ME.)

    Jealous of your proximity to Area 5 events in TX!


    1. Pearl of wisdom from my old trainer that moved away, from when I hauled to his place last spring for a lesson. As someone who has had to learn that the deep one is okay, it always sticks in my head.


  8. That hatch area of my CR-V is a mobile tack trunk and my poor little car is filthy. I need to clean it, but it’s supposed to snow, so that won’t be happening.

    My hatch area looks about like this:
    -heavy weight turnout blanket (I can’t keep all of my horse’s wardrobe on the blanket rack because it can’t hold all the weight)
    -brush box (when my sprays won’t freeze)
    -Dexter’s Smartpak drawer
    -an emergency kit for vehicles
    -more junk depending on the day

    The back seat and the passenger seat??
    Full of all sorts of things. My husband told me I looked homeless based upon the amount of stuff just sitting in my vehicle.

    Oh and the crazy people probs? The monogram on my Tipp helmet is not centered very well. I didn’t do a very good job putting it on. I really just try not too look at it.


  9. I thought the point of those shoulder sock things for under rugs was to stop rubbing?!
    Nancy’s Rhino stable rug rubs a little bit, it has the ‘new’ clip closure on the front which I hate as there is no extender available for that as i don’t want to size up for her because length is spot on!
    I keep meaning to ring and ask Horseware and/or the online places I usually purchase if they have a version of the rug size & weight i need with front ‘old’ front closures – like the belly straps


    1. Yeah the point of buying the shoulder guard was to stop the rubs, but it just starting rubbing him in another spot. So now theres a giant rub instead of a little one. Awesome.


  10. The rug rubbing thing? Oh yeah…. I’m only rugging my horse this summer so that I don’t have to deal with all the filth every time I bring him in from the paddock to ride. But I’ve only been able to enjoy whipping off the rug and tacking up clean pony twice before he developed rubs. Ugh. So now I have to buy him a bib. Don’t have moneys for a bib because Christmas. Will have to wait and deal with filthy pony…. #horsepeopleproblems

    bonita of A Riding Habit

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