Logo contest WINNERS!

First of all – a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to make a logo (or many logos) and send them in. There was a total of 42 different logos submitted! I never expected that kind of participation. I also never expected to really like so many of them… picking a winner was no easy task. As you may have read in some follow-up posts after the original contest announcement, due to the level of quality and participation I decided to offer prizes to the top two runners-up as well.

When I tasked y’all with the job of creating a logo, I didn’t give you much direction. Really that was because to be honest I had no idea what I wanted. As they started to roll in and I paged through them, the criteria that I really found myself putting forth were:

Is it pretty? Meaning – is it clean, are the colors (if any) ones that I like, if it’s a picture do I like the picture.

Is it COOL? Does it look like something I could have done myself or is it totally beyond me.

Is it original? Did I get several more logos in almost the exact same style. Was it personalized or was it just generic clipart.

Is it us? Do you look at it and immediately get a sense of Henry, or me, or things that I like.

Did it speak to me? Of course this just has a lot to do with individual preference. Some things I immediately loved and some things I was more meh about.

Is it easy to use? How well/cleanly would it embroider, how easily could the shape of it be worked into the blog, etc.

So without further ado (and in reverse order pageant style for maximum suspense):

Second Runner up: Karen M of Bay with Chrome. This one really struck a chord with me because it’s my very favorite picture of me and Henry. You had me from hello when you used this picture. And it almost looks like a stamp, which I thought was really cool too. Karen wins the Ogilvy baby pad from Luxe Eq.



First Runner-up: Britt G from Our House on a Hill. Looove the splish splash and the fact that she used my second favorite picture ever. It looks like an eventer and I know it’s us. Unfortunately the embroidery people were less enthused about the splashes. Still, Britt… you win a gift certificate for a Firefly custom bonnet up to an $80 value!


Grand Prize Winner: Rachel R, who is not a blogger but a reader! Rachel took one of Henry’s pictures, drew it in a cool swoopy outline, and added two of my favorite accessories. My pony + my favorite things? That’s a done deal. I also really liked the soft colors she chose, the simplicity of the logo matches my personal style and will embroider well, and it’ll be easy to incorporate into the blog. Rachel wins the Firefly logo baby pad, a Mango Bay belt, a Kastel sunshirt from Luxe Eq, and snap-on rein stops from PS of Sweden.


Winners, keep an eye on your email inbox over the next few days so I can get in touch with you about your prizes. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

To give you guys an idea of the enormity of this task, here are most of the other entries. Not quite all, because some of them only had small variations like text or shape, but you get the idea. Thanks again for making it such a great contest.


22 thoughts on “Logo contest WINNERS!

  1. WOW! I’m really impressed with the quality and quantity of them all! I think the ones with a play on the facebook logo are really cool too, but I definitely think the winning design is totally fitting! Love the detail in the bridle!


  2. very cool contest – congrats to the winner and runners up!! tho honestly i dont know how you could choose from the selection – so many great entries!!!


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