weekend recap: goin’ junkin’

I wish my weekend recap was filled with reports of riding and lessons and horsey things. Unfortunately Texas has decided to participate in winter this year and it rained boatloads so I haven’t been on my horse since last Tuesday. I have given up.

On Friday I went out to handwalk and deworm and give Henry his monthly Pentosan shot. The dogs were thrilled to tag along but they were really the only ones happy to be out. I stood there and let Henry graze until my hands went totally numb, then went home.

I also bought some winter riding gloves, because if anything has become obvious to me in the past month, it’s that I’m woefully unprepared for any weather below 60 degrees. I just bought the cheapie $10 Ovation gloves, hoping they’ll work for as (relatively) little as I need them. Of course… if it doesn’t stop raining I’ll never use them and they’ll last forever!

There’s no junk mail on the floor in the passenger seat, I dunno what you’re talking about.

Saturday was spin class (worst ever due to ridiculously annoying people – but that’s a story for another day) then a field trip also to be discussed later, then our barn holiday party. The party was great fun although we discovered that Auf der Autobahn can’t have tacky nice things, because within seconds of opening her ever-so-classy white elephant gift of a horsey wine bottle holder, she dropped him and broke his head off. Then his head was relocated to a slightly different position. Personally I think it was an improvement.

Sunday morning SO and I got up early to go to the junkyard! Weird, I know. But last week when I was leaving the barn I kinda sorta killed the left front wheel on my car…

Uhh… oops.

And because it’s a car that a) isn’t made anymore b) has weird parts, I couldn’t find any place in town that had a new wheel that would work. We could buy one online and ship it, but that would be expensive and take a week, so we decided to try our luck at the junkyard. And whaddya know – they had ONE car just like mine, so for $50 we took home the wheel, which had a pretty decent tire on it, slapped it on my car, and voila. The junkyard is magical.

I took a couple of hours in the morning to watch some of the GM clinic online, which I still haven’t really completely organized my feelings about. In some ways I love him, in some ways I don’t, but the videos are an education in themselves, regardless of whether or not it’s all applicable to you and your sport.

Then I was off to check out the place I’ll be barnsitting several times in the coming months. Such a cute little property – totally my dream place! And it’s full of gorgeous Trakehners, including this studmuffin. Taking care of a big gorgeous black stallion and earning money for the Belgium trip at the same time… such a tough life I have. Plus kitties and adorable dogs and a mini!

I’m sure I’ll get many candids of him during my time there, but that’s next week. For this week, hopefully it’ll just stay dry enough to ride Henry. We’re supposed to go XC schooling and to an eventing derby this weekend, weather permitting. I’m not holding my breath…


Is winter over yet? Apparently Texas isn’t far enough south to escape this one.

20 thoughts on “weekend recap: goin’ junkin’

      1. I totally hear you. We got rain, snow, then it all melted a couple weeks ago and it was a huge mess. Now we have snow again and I’m sure it’ll be a sloppy mess again before long. I can’t ride much in the winter anyway, but especially not when the whole horse area is a slop hole. Here’s to hoping things dry out for you soon!


  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on the GM Horsemastership Clinic – it would make a great blog post! I usually watch it every year. This year I didn’t – too discouraged by my own lack of progress due to circumstance (winter, no indoor, boo hoo).


    1. Some things he’s super right about… other things not so much, especially if you’re coming at it from a dressage perspective. If I ever have time to sit down and watch them all the way through and make notes I’ll post it.


      1. I actually love him from a dressage standpoint. Most of the flatwork he teaches is totally appropriate for lower level riders, and his concepts of teaching contact are extremely clear (unlike many dressage clinicians). In fact, the reason my horse now goes into contact is 100% due to the GM clinics. So, count me in as interested in your take on him! I love to hear other people’s take! 🙂


        1. I like his flatwork for the most part, except for a few things. He definitely does not like the dressage seat, or a lot of sitting on the horse. It’s more like dressage from an h/j perspective.. which makes sense considering the source. I whole-heartedly agree with him on contact, and most people’s tendency to carry the hands way too low (myself included a lot of the time), and the front to back riding that is so common. I’m probably 90-95% in agreement with him and 5-10% meeehhhh.


          1. Haha! I think the 5-10% meeeeehhhh reaction happens with almost every big name teacher. You’re always going to have that one moment where you go “wait, what now?” 🙂

            And yeah, he doesn’t want you to sit into the horse. That makes sense to me, especially after the jumping lesson I took last week. My dressage seat has totally destroyed my ability to close my hip angle and sink into my heels. GM needs his riders to have those abilities.


  2. I love barn/house sitting! Except I’d get really anxious between feedings because WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED? Unfortunately, I had the same anxiety between my regular feedings and the next time I knew someone else would be at the barn. Alcohol.

    Congrats on the junkyard find!


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