Belgium, here I come! And Philly…

I’m off to a good start with personal goal #4 for 2015. Yesterday we figured out our itinerary for our Belgium/Paris trip in March and booked our flights. I never squeal with excitement about anything but I’m squealing myself senseless on the inside right now.

A couple days/nights in Paris, a day and a couple nights in Brussels, 3 days and 2 nights in Gesves. At least one tack shop trip planned, a few farm tours (Nabab de Reve, anyone?), and the sBs Selection Show. That’s basically as good as any horsey vacation can get, and even better to be doing it with a couple of good friends. Many eternal thanks to Rising Star Farm for the opportunity… it’s once in a lifetime. Of course, I really really hate flying so I might need a whole suitcase full of Xanax, but it’s worth it. Especially for the food, and I think my friend and fellow traveler Michelle agrees…


This is why we’re friends.

Looks like I’ll also be in Philadelphia at the end of January for the AETA trade show/market. My friend Megan, owner of Luxe EQ, asked me to come along to help scout new product lines and checkΒ out all the new products coming out from her current suppliers. I am very flattered that she trusts my opinion and thinks I have good enough taste to want to bring me along. Three days roaming around a giant room full of cool horse stuff? Um… yes. Yes times a million. It’s both extremely awesome and extremely dangerous, especially when you check out the companies that will be in attendance. I have a feeling I’m going to look a lot like this the entire time:

I’m sure I will take a few thousand pictures and find at least a couple dozen things that I NEED. Brace yourselves, blog land.

On a different note, thanks everyone for all the supportive comments and messages from yesterday’s post. Henry got a nice big serving of hay last night and both blankets, since we got a ridiculous cold front. He’s warm and toasty with plenty to munch on.

I don’t play around.

Henry also says thanks to auntie SprinklerBandit for selling his mom some new dressage boots. He loffs them. Well, I loff them, which means he’s required to love them too.

Oooo, aaahhhh


29 thoughts on “Belgium, here I come! And Philly…

  1. PHILADELPHIA (Btw congrats on booking your flight yada yada yada but i stopped reading when i saw Philly) you know that is about 25 minutes from me right?

    Where, when etc. How long are you here for?? OOHHHH let me know if we can catch up or not. I will come to Philadelphia easy peasy.

    and yay on henry having real amounts of food. Btw COLD front? You want to hear COLD FRONT? it is 6 degrees outside right now, with windchill of negative 3. Yes. And has been this cold all week here, oh tomorrow is up to 32 (YAY) then back to the 20s on Sat. SOB…

    My husband (unhelpfully) said today I don;t know when you will actually get to RIDE again. Thanks honey.

    anywhoo email me the details. and congrats again on booking the flight! I can’t wait to read the blogs from that week! πŸ™‚


  2. Yep, I’m with Michele, it’s cold a hell up here. Windchills in the negatives for the last three days. Brrr. Still, this stupid cold weather somehow feels warmer than the 32 degree and raining crap from December. At least the sun is out, and being outside doesn’t make me want to kill myself. πŸ™‚

    I cannot WAIT to hear about all the awesome European goodies you find. I expect you’ll have us all scrounging around for another must have type of breeches or bridle!!


  3. I’m just going to hang out over here living vicariously through you and all … crepes …. yum. And I FINALLY ordered Ogilvy stuff from Megan, lol! If you don’t come back from both trips with stupid amounts of picture spam, I will punch you.


  4. super excited about booking your trip – the itinerary sounds unbelievable!! exciting about Philly too!! baltimore isn’t super far – so if you end up planning out some sort of bloggy meet up dinner let us know!

    in any case, plz take all the pictures and make us very very jealous!


    1. I’m open for dinner Friday and Sat. A few people have expressed interest in meeting up… I’m open to either day or both days. Technically I’ll be in Oaks, so I’m guessing King of Prussia-ish area for food.


  5. Squee’ing right along with you! Must check the old email to see the it energy & where we might be able to cross paths.
    Don’t forget GAUFRES (aka waffles) talk about #tastytimes – Belgium rules waffle making. *drool*

    As for your trip to Philly *swoon* + i want your life β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘


  6. I loved AETA!!!!! Went there with a previous job and wish I could go back… someone had a bit made out of titanium that was so light! I wanted it but didn’t really neeeeeeeeed it…. would be curious if they’re at AETA this year too? Have so much fun looking at all the great horsie things!!!!


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