Interesting stuff from AETA part 2: apparel and boots

I didn’t get great pictures of the apparel because that’s mainly what we bought, and I was generally busy trying things on or helping pick colors rather than take pictures. Tough life, I know. But I’ll at least share the pictures that I did manage to get and talk about what I saw.

First up was Asmar Equestrian. I have to admit, I have not been particularly taken by their stuff from the internet pictures, but now that I’ve tried on like 90% of their line (no joke, being a human mannequin is awesome) I’m a convert. We did a big order for Luxe EQ from them and there was no shortage of nice things to pick out. Everything was so well made, from nice fabrics, and cut well. This is also the only place in the whole show that gets to boast that they swayed me to buy something. I added the tech fabric polo and the long sleeve tech shirt to our order in Sunshine – a new color for spring – which happens to be just the right color of golden yellow to match my new XC colors. That’s fate, right? The other spring colors are a really pretty rich pink called Punch and a sea blue/turquoisey color called Curacao. I saw slightly different shades of aqua and teal all over the trade show among several brands, especially paired with black and charcoal, although HKM had it with navy as well. Since I did such a bad job taking pictures at Asmar, you should head to their website and see the new spring stuff yourself. I wish the fall/winter was online already because there was a jacket I completely fell in love with, and the new sweaters are awesome too, but you’ll just have to check back later in the year. Oh – and the bamboo t-shirts were heavenly soft. I need more money so I can give it all to Asmar. I also have to give props to their sales reps, they were great and really encouraged trying on the clothes so we could see how they fit and felt. I love that.

Yay Kastel, my favorite sun shirts! The recently released green color is front and center, and all the ones you see over there on the left are the new spring colors for 2015. Lots of soft pretty pastels. They also have a shirt coming out in their f/w collection that will be for heat retention – it looked super comfy and wind resistant so I can’t wait to see the final product later this year.

Everyone say hi to Mike, blogland’s favorite Kastel rep. I made him hold up the pretty yellow polo that I want, mainly because he’s so amenable I knew he’d do it without complaint. There ya go Mike, now you’re internet famous. BTW, yellow is totally your color. Kastel is also coming out with a line of show shirts that look really neat, and they have a new western inspired style… if you’re into that sort of thing.

One of the most “out there” pair of breeches I saw were these full seat silicone breeches by Chinese maker Smiles. No doubt these things would really stick you to the saddle. They had all kinds of crazy stuff happening with silicone in their booth.

Custom Riding Apparel had lots of interesting breeches, with everything from bling on the pockets to purple fabric to decorative buttons on the side. I took a picture of this particular pair mainly because they’re Brandy’s colors, and again there was that tealy color popping up.

In the Horseware booth we picked out a lot of stuff, both from Horseware and from Allesandro Albanese. LOVE this sweater. I also might have said I wanted one of the adorable burgundy sweaters from Horseware with a big H on it when the f/w stuff arrives. Does that count as buying something if it’s so far in the future? I definitely have to have that sweater to represent Henry.

And also these sweaters. The colors were great and they were really soft – perfect for layering over a polo or show shirt for lessons or the jumpers.

Tredstep is coming out with a new coat that has interchangeable collar colors, much like Manfredi currently offers. This one will be at a much lower price point (I was told around $250) and I was really excited to see it. Sadly, I really didn’t like the fabric of the coat itself.

Something else we bought a lot of – Manfredi elastic belts. These things are SO pretty. And yet again, there’s that gray/blue combination popping up.

Not gonna lie, I mostly took a picture of these socks because the idea of having Boyd Martin’s face stretched across my calf gives me many giggles. That’s one way to channel your inner Olympian.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but RJ Classics has a coat with different colored side panels. This particular one is navy with dark brown side panels but they have one that is black with gray as well. I also noticed that their prices went up… this one retails at almost $600. Ouch.

We spent quite a while at Tailored Sportsman picking out breeches and shirts and belts, but I didn’t get very many good pictures because a) picking colors from that many options is stressful b) everything was set far back from the tables. But you can see some of the new colors here, and their tech fabric show coats on the right. I really liked the hunter green show coat, and at a retail price of $350 it seems like a great lower budget option. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to try it on to see what the fit was like.

That teal/sea blue color showed up again – TS had a teal version called Lagoon, pictured above, and a very bright sea blue called Aqualina. I think my favorite color of the day was a tie between Black Olive – a new one that is basically between the hunter green Black Forest color and Black – and the very dark navy Black and Blue color with tan knee patches. Honestly, I liked all the tan knee patch colors except for maybe the Charcoal. I was especially digging it on white – kind of gave it a little bit of punch to make it less blah. I was disappointed to see Redwood was not included since that’s probably my favorite TS color ever. I’m so glad Aztec Diamond is coming out with a dark red to fill the hole in my heart.

And last but not least – boots. DeNiro really showed up guns blazing, with a big booth just stuffed full of gorgeous boots, with every detail and option you could think of. There aren’t even words, really. Just look. DeNiro = dangerous.

There were a couple of other things I liked but didn’t get pictures of. Roeckl has new spring colored gloves coming out in teal, coral, and magenta. Really pretty. And even more teal.

I also kind of fell in love with the brand Sarm Hippique and was dead set on getting a pair of their sticky butt Dakota breeches. They would make perfect XC breeches and they came in a great clay color. The plan was to buy a good bit of stuff from them for the shop, but we weren’t able to close the deal on opening an account. You gave me sads, Sarm Hippique. So many sads. There was much pouting. Oh well, maybe next time.


32 thoughts on “Interesting stuff from AETA part 2: apparel and boots

  1. I like a lot of that stuff, and you have made me sad that all of my extra money is going towards a bridle for my strangely headed guy. I am very excited about all of the yellow that you’ve found, it’s ridiculously hard to come by!


  2. I need sun shirts. Asmar has lots of pretty colors. I’d be more interested in breeches if I could actually use them. I don’t really like breeches in my western saddle, and no english saddle for at least a while. As is, My houndstooth luxe breeches have been worn once and my flight breeches are still sitting with the tags on. it’s a disgrace.


  3. If I ever actually make it there it will be a serious case of MIND BLOWN! Thank you for sharing everything, so much fun to see the new products and companies! Seriously though, ADE, one of each please!


    1. There was a lot of “boring” standard stuff there, it just wasn’t really what caught my eye. 😉 I figured everyone has seen the same white show shirt and tan breeches a million times already, no need to take pictures of it again. I liked the ones that had a more creative approach do it though, like a waffley texture white shirt from Sarm, the white with navy sides (le fash-esque) from RJ, etc.


  4. Gah, these horse companies need to hire me: were they really advertising bamboo shirts? HUGE FTC no-no from a textiles perspective… (I see from their website they call it eco-friendly “bamboo rayon”. HA.


    1. They really are comfortable. If you use the search feature in my sidebar and look up Kastel you’ll see a review. Hillary at Equestrian at Hart did one as well. I will say – not all brands are created equal. I find some of them to be too thick or the fabric a bit scratchy.


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