FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

Tracy of Fly On Over posted this last week and I thought it was such a good idea, so I’m glad she turned it into a blog hop! It’s interesting to see what a typical day in everyone else’s life is like, especially since we all share in the same struggle of trying to balance horses, work, and life. Here’s what a typical day for me looks like:

6:08am – (not kidding, on the dot every morning) Wake up and try to determine from the level of darkness what time it is. Wonder why it’s so impossible for me to actually sleep all the way to my 7am alarm.

6:10 – Give up on guessing the time, sit halfway up and look over SO to see the clock. Flop back down and wonder if it’s possible to fall asleep again. This movement alerts the dogs, who climb into bed for morning cuddles and inevitably press their cold wet noses into my face.

6:45 – Decide I’m bored waiting for the alarm to go off and get up to let the dogs out and get ready for work. I also pack a bag with everything I’ll need for the day’s activities then head out the door for my 10 minute commute to work.

7:30 – Plop down at my desk with some cereal and start updating the status of all the orders and repairs in the queue before my first meeting. Weed through my emails and make sure no “fires” have started since the day before that need immediate attention.

8:00 – Meeting. Erry day.

8:30 – Meeting. Erry day.

9:30 – Answer all the emails and phone calls I missed while I was in my meetings and then try to get some actual work done.

10:30 – Decide I’m going crazy in my tiny box of an office and wander to the break room for refreshments. Stare longingly at the cookies and candy, but grab an apple or banana or orange and a water instead. Grumble about it for at least 10 minutes.

11:30 – Try really hard not to kill anyone while thinking about how much I want the pizza buffet.

11:32 – Briefly consider just how many people I’d be willing to kill in exchange for a free trip through the pizza buffet…

12:00 – Eat a Clif bar and some almonds at my desk instead because there’s just no time for a lunch break. Still continue to fantasize about the pizza buffet.

1:00 – put out whatever inevitable “fire” has sprung up during the day.

2:00 – Ponder how bad life could possibly be as a vagrant. Remember the horse costs money, therefore I have to have a job. Daydream about being independently wealthy instead. Eat my feelings by way of more cereal or fruit.

3:30 – Look at the giant pile of work that still remains and decide to stay an extra hour.

4:30 – Leap out of my chair and drive to the barn, cursing stupid drivers the whole way. This could also be considered a time where I’m trying really hard not to kill anyone.

5:15 – On the horse. Finally my happy place. Suddenly I have no more desire to kill anyone.

6:30 – Stuff horse full of cookies and bid him farewell.

7:00 – Drive into the parking lot at the gym and immediately give up on finding a parking spot, so drive around the back and park at another business instead. It’s ok, I’ve had my horse therapy.

7:15 – In the pool.

8:00 – In the shower.

8:30 – Finally home. Stare at the contents of fridge/pantry as if they will magically put themselves together for dinner. Finally just give up and throw together whatever is quick and easy and not terribly unhealthy (unless we’ve both had a really bad day, then we eat macaroni and cheese, don’t make eye contact, and never speak of it again).

9:30 – Climb into bed to relax and read. Usually fall asleep before 10:30 still holding my Kindle. Glare at SO and dogs when they come to bed and wake me up. Roll over and congratulate myself on another successful day of not killing anyone before drifting back off to sleep.

Sometimes the times shift a little if I have to be at spin class by 6, or if I’m just too tired for a barn/gym double, or if it’s too wet to ride. But in general – that’s my life. Reading this makes me think we should all pool together and buy a crapton of lottery tickets so we don’t have do to that pesky work thing. It really gets in the way of riding…

19 thoughts on “FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

    1. I don’t think riding is really much exercise unless you’re riding several horses in a row, doing some seriously intense work for a long time, or also doing barn chores. But it’s a lot easier to go from one activity directly to the next. If you give yourself time to sit down and think about being tired, you tend to never get back up. 😉


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