people are delusional

Something interesting happened on facebook the other night when someone tagged me in a comment on a photo. It was interesting because it was MY photo that I took of my friend’s young stallion Diabolo D’Esquelmes a few summers ago here in Texas. Only problem? It was posted by someone I don’t know, and the caption said that it was her young horse Winston. Umm… no.


This really begs the question: what the hell??? Perusing this person’s page and doing a little sleuthing uncovers that many of their photos are stolen.

I really wonder why the heck anyone would do this. This is definitely not a kid playing some kind of internet game because the page can be traced back to a real life adult woman. Are you just inventing a fake internet life for attention? Or are you trying to do something worse and more fraudulent by creating a fake business with a fake reputation and fake credentials? And really – do you think no one will notice? The Global Sporthorses page has almost 2500 likes – what’s going on here?

In case there’s any doubt, here’s more pics I took of DD that day



And pictures of his buddies, Cartier R and Jus D’o. Obviously the same jump and the same venue.



I’m not a photographer, so I don’t mind people using my pictures elsewhere. These are on facebook and have been re-facebooked several times for legit reasons, plus shown up in articles and blog posts. What I do mind is people taking them and using them for fraudulent purposes, lying to people, and making themselves look like jerks on the internet. Someone explain this to me because I don’t get it.

37 thoughts on “people are delusional

  1. If they’re going to post stolen photos, they should at least check to see that the landscape is correct for the time of year they’re posting!! Don’t think trees have summery green leaves in Holland in December.
    Certainly takes A LOT of arrogance, or the business is run by pathological liars.


  2. Growing up I had a friend who was a pathological liar- she would do just this, stealing photos and posting them as if that was her life (I will never forget her “deaf German Warmblood ‘Speaks through Silence'”, highland cow collection, etc etc). I never knew whether to be annoyed at it or to feel sorry for her, that apparently she felt her own life wasn’t exciting enough.


  3. Wow, this is annoying. I’ve had people steal my photos of my horse’s (My nice photo’s that I work hard on.) and even remove my watermark, and claim them as their own. I’ve gotten tagged like that several times, so annoying and it makes no sense at all.


  4. Some people are straight up Batsh*t Crazy. That is the only explanation for it. There have been numerous trainwreck threads on the COTH forums with people using stolen photos to promote their businesses.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that are just not mentally well, and you seem to have run into one of them.


    1. It’s almost like she’s a wannabe-real-business? I have no idea. It does look like she rides and has horses and all that, but pretty much all the show pictures (or any of the nice/impressive pictures) aren’t hers.


  5. Ugh. What the hell. I have had issues with this, but with my art. I posted two drawings on a contest and two or three other people tagged themselves in it and tried to claim it as theirs. Ummm, NO. This is why I dislike people. Well, just one of the reasons.


  6. I saw this on FB too. It seemed to be that the whole deal is fake fake fake. She/He/They post about being kind of all over the place within a matter of weeks, like Spruce one week, then Kentucky the next, then FL etc etc. Not to mention a single picture that looks like it was taken by a non professional! Its pretty crazy.


  7. That’s crazy! Why? And I agree with mango bay–that clearly isn’t even Holland. Maybe the person isn’t even a real business? What a crazy work we live in….


  8. Beyond being crazy, I wonder if there isn’t some bigger internet scam going on here? Think about it…. people order frozen semen all the time, and there are lots of people who don’t breed responsibly who probably wouldn’t mind getting some budget semen from “Windsor” because it’s his first time donating/he’s unproven/it’s a warmblood sale! Can’t you just see that happening? ISN’T THAT HORRIFYING?

    This rabbit hole is scary.


  9. that’s kinda creepy… a young teen at my farm is horse shopping for her first full size horse (she events) and says it’s way harder than she thought. she told me with a deep sigh “everybody lies, it’s just crazy” — and it actually made me really sad to see such a young person learning that lesson 😦

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