Weekend recap: rides and new stuff

I’m gonna back up all the way to Thursday night first, even though that’s really not the weekend. We had a great jumping lesson to add to the positive momentum from our great dressage lesson on Tuesday. Different trainer, different disciplines, but both really positive with encouraging comments about Henry and his progress. Hopefully we can keep that momentum going since we have our first event of the year this weekend. I’ve now had two dreams about forgetting my dressage test and getting eliminated, which actually happened to someone in the CIC*** at the The Fork this past weekend (well, she learned the wrong test but same thing) and solidified my weird nightmare. My neuroses are strong right now. Of all the stupid mistakes to keep having dreams about, I have no idea why that’s the one.

She’s cray, y’all

On Friday we just went for a walk down the road as a reward for a good week, and then did the same on Saturday – except this time with friends. It was the 5 year anniversary of the opening of my barn so we had a group ride and then a little party. Lots of fun and food and cider was had.

Henry and Reggie are having a stare down


How Texans dress when it’s 65 degrees. Brrrr.


My stuff that I ordered from Calevo a few weeks ago when the dollar and Euro were almost equal finally arrived, too. I nabbed an Equiline coat, navy with golden yellow piping (my colors) for only $170, and it fits like it was tailor made for me. I’m really in love with it so far. After I ride in it I’ll do a proper review but man… I want to wear it 24/7. So stretchy and pretty.

I got some Pikeur X-Grip breeches as well, which also fit nicely, but I’m not sure how much I like them. I just find myself comparing everything to ADE and Animo and they all come up short. We’ll see if I keep them or not, I’m kind of undecided at this point. I’m loving my dressage Ogilvy though, just really hoping I can keep the white clean. Anyone ever Scotchgarded fabric like this? Seriously considering it.

Oh – and I’m pretty happy with how he’s gaining on the Triple Crown Complete. I wish he would waste less of it as he flings his bucket around (grrr), but at least I’m seeing a difference!

So mad about getting a bath.



29 thoughts on “Weekend recap: rides and new stuff

  1. I have a white ogilvy with colored trim (so clearly I don’t want to bleach it) and my saddle stains it every time I ride. But, every single time I have just tossed it in the wash like a normal pad and it has come out pristine white. It’s magic. 😉


    1. I had a hard time keeping and getting the piping clean on my pad with light colored trim (probably because that part is cotton) so I want to avoid that this time. Although my dressage saddle doesn’t seem to discolor pads the way my jumping saddle does.


    1. At one point when I went back in the barn to get the Loopa he swung his entire body off the concrete pad and was just standing in the grass glaring at me like “I AM REBEL!!!”. Um… right…


  2. Oh my god that coat… it’s the fit I dream of. Maybe you need to do a coat fit review? I am terribly hard to fit with coats because I’m so short-waisted with long ass monkey arms, so nothing looks good. SIGH.

    If the bucket flinging is really terrible, there are these funny little specialized-for-baby-horse buckets with a HUGE rim that stop grain wasteage pretty well. My friend got one for her baby horse because he dumped most of his bucket daily, they are super dorky looking but seem to work!


    1. I’ve totally scotchguarded saddle pads, with zero complication. I also scotchguard white breeches. I love scotchguard. With things you wash more often, like pads and breeches, the key is to remember to reapply the scotchguard. It’s resistance fades after awhile.


  3. All of that is lovely. Red got his first shower of the year this morning. He loves showers, but he hates my wash stall, so it’s hard for him to adjust the GrumpusMeter.


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