“Damaging Storms Incoming” aka It’s Horse Show Time!

Apparently the weather gods don’t like me or something, because I feel like after the last horse trial…

… I should be owed some good weather for this one. Mother (effing) Nature disagrees apparently, because the headline when I open my weather app is “DAMAGING STORMS INCOMING”. Oh good, perfect! Thunder, lightning, rain, wind, chances of tornadoes – if that doesn’t say horse show weather I don’t know what does.


I’m so tired of complaining about the rain, I don’t even have any fight left in me anymore. I’m just gonna show up, see what happens, hope the weathermen are wrong, and quit caring because it’s beyond my control anyway. Let’s just hope there are no tornadoes… that would be unfavorable.

My ride times are actually just about as awesome as you could ask for with a one day event:


And we got a perfect spot in the stabling. I haven’t cleaned my tack or my boots yet because I figure as soon as I do, the skies will open up. I’ll clean them at the very last minute as as minimally as possible, that’s my strategy. I didn’t bathe my horse yet either. AND I packed a rain poncho. Take that, MotherEffing Nature. Two can play this game.

I did make a run to the store yesterday for push lights for the dressing room of the trailer, since we don’t have a hook-up spot this weekend. That makes it almost camping.

I also bought this at the store, because… well, I don’t feel the need to explain myself.

I even did something kinda responsible and bought a little black dry erase board so we can keep track of our ride times. Because we might end up drinking too many Wicked Mangoes and forget. If that’s not excellent planning I don’t know what is. Look at me, adulting and stuff.

I did manage to pack other useful things into the trailer too…

These are important


So are these

and get all my clothes ready. I have to admit, it brings me a perhaps strangely intense feeling of joy to lay all my show stuff out and just look at it. I love my stuff. If nothing else at least we’re well dressed while we’re getting soaked to the bone and covered in mud.

Animo, Asmar, Equiline, Mango Bay, and “Carpe the fuck out of this Diem” socks, FTW.

On that note, away we go. Everyone do their best anti-rain dance and send my brain lots of “Don’t do anything stupid” vibes!




24 thoughts on ““Damaging Storms Incoming” aka It’s Horse Show Time!

  1. Wicked Mangoes are my new vice and I’m totally ok with that.

    Crossing fingers the weather holds out for you. Have a great time!


  2. That’s so nice that they spread your times out so much.. here the one day’s send you straight to XC after showjumping- it can be a little exhausting, although of course it means we are done earlier!

    Good luck and fingers crossed the weather turns!


  3. Good luck! Don’t play in the lightning! Drink lots of water after your Wicked Mangos are gone! 😉

    Okay. I’m pretty much sold on that Equiline. Any idea where to find a decent size chart, though?


    1. I haven’t seen one that lists actual measurements, just the one with comparative sizing. If it helps, that does seem very true, because I’m a UK 10 and an Italian 42, and I went with the size that lined up with those. I could measure mine if that would help.


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