New Stuff! First impressions

I’ve revamped several items in my collection lately, clearing out old things and adding new. I’m not totally ready for full reviews on anything yet, since I haven’t worn/used them a whole lot and don’t have much media. I’ve had a lot of people ask about a few items though, so I figured I’d offer my initial impressions. For now I’ll touch on the Equiline Alice coat, the Pikeur Lucinda Grip breeches, the Asmar Equestrian polo, the La Valencio Chelsea breeches, and the PS of Sweden Olympic Revolution.

Equiline Alice show coat

I hope you’re prepared for some major gushing, because this might be my new favorite clothing item. I stumbled upon this coat when I was browsing through Calevo, looking for anything I “needed” so I could take advantage of the dollar and euro being almost equal. Admittedly I bought the coat because it’s navy with golden yellow piping (although it does come in black as well) and those are my colors. Plus it was on sale so after you take off VAT I only paid about $150 USD for it.

From the stock photo it looked a little boxy and maybe a little thick, so I wasn’t expecting to be wowed. But when I opened the box, pulled that thing out, and tried it on – I was more than wowed. The fabric is the perfect weight, the color is amazing, and it fits like it was tailor made for me. The fabric has lots of stretch but still has enough structure to be flattering to less than perfect body types and there are lots of great little details. I’ve worn it once, this past weekend at our event, and I absolutely loved it. New favorite coat ever, especially for only $150. We’ll see how it washes up and wears over time.

Pikeur Lucinda Grip breeches

These were another Calevo purchase, taking advantage of the euro/dollar exchange. I wanted a pair of sticky butt, but not TOO sticky butt, breeches for cross country. The truffle color looked pretty good online, and they were a good deal ($150 from Calevo – they’re $300 at Dover) so I decided to try them.

Sadly, I forgot to be real with myself about how much I hate fabric with a high cotton content. It’s almost identical to Tailored Sportsman fabric, which I don’t particularly like and don’t find super comfortable or flattering. The fit is pretty perfect but the color is darker than it looked online, closer to chocolate. I do really love the grippy butt – it’s just a little grippy, not “omg I’m stuck” type of grippy. If these were made from Animo or Aztec Diamond fabric I would love them, but they aren’t and I don’t. I’ll be selling them.

Asmar Equestrian Polo

I’ve always really liked the wide range of colors in the Asmar Polos, but I had never seen one in person until AETA. On the hanger it was just a regular looking polo shirt, but the rep urged me to go try it on and I’m glad she did. The fit is perfect, the cut is amazing, the fabric is high end, and I absolutely love it. I got a Marigold one from Luxe EQ to wear for XC, although I’ve worn it for some lessons as well. The sleeves are the perfect length and the collar is cut perfectly as well – it isn’t too tall, it isn’t too floppy, it doesn’t curl, it’s just right. The body length is great for me too – long enough to stay tucked if I tuck it in, but not so long that I have to tuck it in.


At $80 retail these are a little pricey for a polo, I will admit. Normally I’m the $10 Old Navy or $25 RL on clearance kind of girl, but the fabric is what takes these to the next level. I usually don’t get a whole lot of wear out of those cotton polos before they start looking faded or grungy or get stretched out, but so far this one washes up looking brand new. Big bonus that the fabric is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and UPF 50. They’re MEANT to be sweated in and worn for sport. The funky smells and stains easily just wash right out. I think if you want a nice polo that is lesson or clinic or show appropriate, very comfortable, and will last a long time, these are a good option.

La Valencio Chelsea breeches

These were another European purchase brought on by the euro/dollar exchange, but this time from Divoza. I have decided that my Devoucoux calfskin dressage saddle is quite sticky enough without adding full seats to the equation, so I wanted some regular knee patch whites. Sadly (very sadly) Aztec Diamond was out of white in my size so I decided to try these from Divoza on a whim instead, since they’re styled pretty similarly to ADE and Animo.

I really like the design – they have a little bit of fun pocket decoration but not too much, and the silicone knee patches, euro seat, sock bottom features that I prefer. The fabric is definitely not to my preference as much as the ADE or Animo fabric, this is a little bit thicker and stiffer – again a higher cotton content than I prefer. They fit well though and for white breeches they’re flattering. If ADE still doesn’t have white in my size when I place my next order from them, I’ll just keep these since I wear white so very rarely. If I can get ADE then these will go. Still, for only about $80 these are a good buy and definitely worth a look, especially if you find that Equine Couture or Pipers are gappy in the waist for you. I think they’re comparable to those two brands but better for me with the fit. They also come in gray and navy.

PS of Sweden Olympic Revolution

Bridle Olympic Revolution

There’s not a lot to say about PS that I haven’t said already a thousand times, but this might be my new favorite model of theirs. I love the simplicity of the Olympic – classic look but with a modern design. This is also my first item from PS with the new upgraded leather and it’s really beautiful. If you’re a fan of top of the line English leather, you’ll love it. It takes a little longer to break in than French or American leather, and you can’t treat it the same way (put the oil down), but once it softens up it’s really rugged and stays beautiful forever. I will say that this cob size runs a good bit smaller than either of my other two cobs from PS, and it barely fits Henry, so if you’re borderline I would opt for the next size up.

I also got the Go Sweden browband (exactly my colors! And no it was not intentional that my colors are also the colors of Sweden, but it works out) and I’m quite happy with that as well. I’ve typically never been a big fan of blingy or colorful browbands but this is my second one from them and I really like them both.

Eventually I’ll do full reviews of everything I’m keeping, once I get a better idea of how they’re going to work out long term.

46 thoughts on “New Stuff! First impressions

  1. Is your stirrup comparison coming soon? I keep looking for that one. 😉

    I only own 3 pairs of breeches now since I didn’t have an English saddle for so long, 2 of which are ADE. I really do like them. They’re so flattering and comfortable to wear in and out of the saddle. Which breeches did you sell and which did you keep?


    1. Oh, as far as breeches – I sold everything except the Animo and the ADE and one pair of Annie’s. I’ll be selling the Kerrits and Pikeur’s as well. I’m officially TS free for the first time since like 1998!


      1. That’s not very many pairs of breeches for you. 😉 But I think it’s definitely better to have ones you love than ones you just kind of like.

        Looking forward to the stirrups reviews also.


          1. I would like to buy another pair, but not sure it’ll be in the budget. Seeing as I bought a saddle, bridle, bit, Ogilvy half pad and a few other miscellaneous items in the last few weeks. But we’ll see. Maybe we can piggyback and order and both save a little on shipping. 🙂


            1. I’d be up for that. I’m planning on getting tan and white and the dark red. Possibly a shirt if any of the new ones catch my fancy. 😉 Gotta sell the Pikeurs and Kerrits first to fund it!


  2. Would be interested in learning about different care for different nationalities of leather! Shamefully (?) I had no idea that the leather really varied that much by origin.


  3. so a little birdie wants to know if any PS of Sweden sales or specials might be coming up any time soon? a wish list item that suddenly shot to the top of the list, but i’m still not quite ready to buy. you seem to get all the advanced notice so, yea haha let us know!


    1. I’ve done a post about that before, if you search for Animo it should come up. 😉 But I really like my ADE just as much as my Animo and they’re very affordable and have held up really well so far. I won’t be able to tell you how the Pikeur hold up since I’m not keeping them lol.


  4. Really loving the Asmar stuff–you’ve almost sold me on the polo, I just wish they had a long sleeve version in that material.

    And that PS of Sweden bridle. I’m currently patiently waiting for the end of April for my order. And also drooling over the Elegance Revolution. God I love shopping.


    1. 1) it stretches 2) it sags 3) it’s hot, 4) it shows sweat really well 5) absorbs dirt/stains 6) doesn’t dry quickly. 7) not anti-microbial or anti-fungal 8) not very flattering when you make it stretchy and put it across an imperfect butt 9) fades quickly. All my personal opinion of course. I much prefer a more elastic “tech” fabric that moves with you, doesn’t stretch or sag or show sweat, stays clean, lasts longer, and dries fast.


      1. They are i think as my friend was actually looking for pikeur but couldn’t find the ones she wanted so got these instead.
        I hear you on the ADEs i love my two pairs and cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us. I am so jealous of your sneak peaks


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