The (helmet) struggle is real

Somehow I have found myself with not one but TWO helmets that are past their “expiration” dates. They have served me faithfully and well, but it’s time to mind my melon and move along. Of course, being fit for a Samshield at AETA pretty much totally sold me on one. Damn them and their amazing helmets that basically sell themselves. I also quite like the leather look AYR8’s as well, but I’ve had an AYR8 in the past and found it to be a bit hot and heavy for a Texas summer. The Samshield, however, felt quite dreamy.

I have decided that I definitely need a navy helmet but that’s about where my decision making skills have stopped. I really really loved the shimmer material in the middle when I saw it at AETA, it was really pretty without being super disco ball. But then there’s that crazy eventer in the back of my head going “Match ALL THE THINGS” who wants me to buy this:


I like that Crazy Eventer, she’s fun and ballsy and does what she wants. But is Crazy Eventer a little too crazy? The navy shimmer is pretty safe. It says “I’m a little different and kinda fun, but I still want everyone to like me”. The yellow trim is balls to the wall. It says “I’m here to PARTAY, fortune favors the bold!”. Plus I think it would look pretty freaking amazing with my Equiline coat.

If Charlotte Dujardin and Georgina Bloomberg can have red on their helmets, why can’t I have yellow? If I went with the yellow trim I would probably have to opt out of the shimmer, lest it get too busy and flashy and trashy looking. That makes me a little sad just because the shimmer is so pretty. But yellow. But shimmer. But yellow. But shimmer.

Besides those two decisions, there’s also the question of what type of air vent material to get – black or chrome? Navy isn’t an option, black doesn’t match, and chrome is really shiny. Why you gotta do me like that, Samshield? Now I don’t know what to pick.

That’s basically a mirror.

The price difference between a shimmer or the yellow trim isn’t a whole lot – the yellow trim with regular shadow matte middle would be about $60 less than the shimmer middle with regular chrome trim.

What do you think, guys? My struggle is real, and it’s intense, and it’s confusing. Too many options, Samshield. Too many options.

45 thoughts on “The (helmet) struggle is real

  1. Will you be doing anything other than eventing, where matchy-matchy is less obsessed over?

    From this eventer though.. I say… match all the things! (Yellow trim woot)


    1. Possibly, at some point. Although if I did it’d be jumpers or just a random dressage show here and there. Definitely not the hunter ring or anything crazy like that. 😉


  2. I do like my leather look AYR8, but the ventilation on CO helmets is pathetic.

    I’d be more inclined to go with the shimmer because it will go with everything. Yellow would look good with most things I think but if you ever want to go for a more conservative look, I think it would be easier with the shimmer.

    Do you get an awesome Luxe Eq discount? 🙂


  3. okay you asked. I LOVE THE YELLOW! if i were you and crazy (HA) i would go for the yellow. It is not obnoxious.

    I dont like the chrome. and i would leave the shimmer out if i were you. But hey whatever floats your boat 🙂


      1. yes i feel the chrome is too over the top 🙂 I cannot WAIT To see the next photos of you all matchy matchy (not in a bad way :))


  4. Love the yellow trim! I have a leather look AYR8 (I won it last year at Rolex) and I find it pretty lightweight and very comfortable…but I have not yet tried a Samshield.


  5. I love the yellow trim and say go for it! As long as you don’t plan on doing any hunters, you’re fine. And so many people are doing the custom trim COs these days with the colored piping. They had one at Rolex with the orange piping that I was drooling over all day.


  6. Yelllllllow. Doooo it. So, here’s a thought: black chrome (while not ideal) is still going to match your boots (if your boots are black..?). And after the newness has worn off the helmet, you pull your giant DIY balls out and you customize that thing to be navy and match the rest of the helmet.


  7. I loooove the navy with the little bit of yellow! It’s still very classy looking and your coat is swoonworthy. There’s a big difference between being a 12 year old pony clubber with hot pink everything (where George Morris is having a heart attack) and an eventer that came here to have a little fun! Do it!


  8. Oh you poor thing. How will you choose? 😉

    NOTE: This is why I go with black. I just can’t pick, so I take the easy (and boring) way out!


  9. Did you look at the navy + black vent in the sunshine? Are they really super obviously bad? You know how some navy’s are a little more blue and can pull off being paired with black… like that?


  10. I really liked the shimmer until I kept scrolling and saw the yellow then I was like I bet that would look awesome with her show coat and then I kept scrolling some more and I was like yes there’s a picture of her coat and it would in fact look awesome.

    I say yellow trim, no shimmer, black chrome vent. The silver chrome really stands out to me when I see it in person. The black chrome looks kind of gray so it won’t totally clash.


  11. maybe I’m just a tacky CA jumper rider, but having seen this Samshield shimmer in person…you could always do shimmer AND yellow 😉 The shimmer is so subtle! I think both together would look fantastic.


    1. I wish I was good enough with photo shop to take the yellow and paint it onto the good picture of the navy/navy shimmer so I could see it. The Samshield configurator makes the shimmer look really ugly so I can’t get a good idea of how it would look.


      1. if you like Samshield on Instagram, there are a lot of pics of the shimmer, one with black/black shimmer/pink trim. Just to give you an idea of how it all looks together (totally NOT tacky or too much IMO)


  12. I love my Samshield! Since I’m a hunter I went less flashy with black alcantara and leather and chrome trim. But if you have no reason to keep it conservative go for the yellow and sparkles.


  13. I like the shimmer. It’s pretty and more versatile. Also, my Samshield has the chrome and I don’t think it’s too bad, shiny, but not offensively so.


  14. Tough choices. If it were going to go on my head, I’d do navy/yellow/black vent/no shimmer. I don’t like shimmer for myself (although I was internet famous for awhile for holding up a sign at a gay rights rally that said “keep calm and share your glitter”). I do like things color coordinated. Hence my vote.

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  15. You had me at shimmer. And then you said yellow and matchy. And then I understood your dilemma perfectly.

    Yellow matchy is my vote.

    Also putting in a suggestion for new hashtag #flashynottrashy


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