Apparently it’s monsoon season

Remember that whole drought thing that Texas has had going on for years now? Remember when it used to not rain for months at a time? Apparently it’s a feast or famine type of thing around here because it will not stop raining. And when I say rain I don’t mean like a half inch here and there. I mean like 4-5″ at a time. Enough to flood everything and make lakes where your arenas used to be.

Enough to make the turnouts so muddy that it’s dangerous for the horses to go out. So basically as long as your horse doesn’t want to ever go outside and you don’t ever want to ride, you’re all set. Did I mention I have another event next weekend? Did I mention I haven’t ridden since we did cross country on Sunday? Meh, details. You can tell I’ve been bored by the new stuff in my blog sidebar and the fact that I started a facebook page for the blog. I never actually do housekeeping things like that normally. Luckily I did stop short of a complete blog redesign. At this point I’m considering buying a million tarps and covering the barn with them 100 x 100 feet at a time. That’s not drastic, is it?

I wanna cover everything like this

I think I have secured a truck and trailer to borrow (thanks again Erin for saving my butt, this is becoming a theme) so I can try to haul out to places with covered arenas to ride this weekend. There’s a dressage place down the road, and a local h/j show going on this weekend about 15 minutes away where I could at least do a couple of jumping classes. That might be the only jumping we get to do before the event next weekend. Shoot, at this rate it might be the only riding we get to do before then, since the monsoons are supposed to continue next week. I’m getting tired of always being woefully unprepared for things. Stop raining. Just stop.


To assuage my anxiety and angst I went spur-of-the-moment googling yesterday for some breeches for cross country. I guess the gods are feeling guilty because I happened upon the perfect pair, AND they were on flash sale for 40% off. You’re not off the hook, gods, but thanks for the cheap breeches.

Devonaire 575 Ladies Signature Lo-rise Woven Breech

Know what else would make me happy(ish)? A full set of these DSB boots in navy, because they’re beautiful. Sadly I’m out of money because I’ve spent it all on horse shows that I never actually get to prepare for. No bitterness here.

I’d trade a couple of semi-vital organs for a covered arena right now. Who needs a kidney?

31 thoughts on “Apparently it’s monsoon season

  1. Your forecast looks a lot like mine here in Kansas, minus the 80 and 90 degree temps! We had my first tornado watch on Wendesday night. Stay dry this weekend, hope you get some good schooling in!


  2. I’m in Kansas also, and we’ve had a bunch of rain this week. Somehow I was still able to ride on Tuesday. Hoping to ride again tonight. Flooded arenas suck, especially when you have a show coming up.


    1. Neat! Where in Kansas? I’m in Manhattan. 😊 We got some crazy flash flooding on Monday night but U.S. Seems like most everything else has missed us.


  3. Damn, arenas made entirely up of open water jumps are no bueno. I hope that rain heads this way though. Our hay fields are barely grown in it’s been so dry. We have acres and acres but nothing to cut on the farm where I board, which means owner had to buy hay, which means rumblings about board rates going up, which means we need some damn rain because I budgeted for lots of shows and cheap board. Weather gods all around need to get with the program.


  4. get the boots. You might as well spend if you cant’ ride (just had a lesson in 80 degrees and sun but we need rain so send it north, thanks)


    1. Can I send it by the barrel? This has been the most frustrating past 6 months. When you live in a place that isn’t built to handle lots of rain, getting lots of rain is a real problem.


  5. ugh what a bummer!! hauling out to ride is kinda a PITA except it’s totally worth it. hope your plans to do so (including the h/j show) work out! also – nice breeches! what kind of shirt would you wear with them – the yellow polo? will be so super amazingly matchy with the new helmet too!


      1. sounds awesome!! i’m spending all my time not competing imagining various xc get-ups…. will hopefully get to test them out eventually lol


  6. Ya know, I always complain about our indoor. It’s small, the footing isn’t great, and the fences in there are all heavy and hard to move, but it’s a God send. Trailer up to MD. We have nice haul in prices 😉


  7. The boots you linked to are on sale right now, more than 15$ cheaper, hope you’ve seen this!
    I love your blog btw, Henry is adorable and you guys seem like an awesome team!


  8. I do not know how you guys do without indoor arenas! It’s on my top 5 list of must-haves in a barn. Then again, I’m in the land of 6 mos winter soooooo there’s that.


    1. Normally it never rains, so it’s not much of a problem lol. But we’ve had like 12 inches so far this month, it’s INSANE. And the whole 10 day forecast is for more rain!


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