Contest Time: All About Baby!

Horse baby of course. Calm down. As most of you know, my mare Sadie is leased out to a friend, and in foal to the stallion Mezcalero.

Yesterday was her birthday so to celebrate I thought we would have a fun contest to see who can get as close as possible to guessing the correct color, sex, date, and time of birth for her foal. Winner gets a $25 Riding Warehouse gift card!

What you need to know:

  • The baby will be bay, chestnut, or black. Those are the only options (brown is rolled in with bay). I don’t know the agouti status of either parent so it’s possible that black isn’t actually an option – in which case it’d be 75% bay, 25% chestnut. Know that if you pick black you’re living dangerously.
  • There is really no such thing as a “due date” in horses, but the average gestation is 340 days. For her, 340 days would be July 6. Most mares foal within 330-345 days.

    How Sadie looked yesterday on her birthday. Fat butt.
  • This is her first foal, so she’s a maiden.

Contest Details:

  • One entry per person please!
  • Enter by commenting on this blog post
  • With your entry please list the following: color, sex (filly or colt), date of birth, time of birth. Just in case multiple people get the correct color, sex, and date, the person closest to the correct time will be the winner. If you don’t give me a time, I have nothing to break ties! On the flip side, if no one gets the correct color, sex, and date, whoever was closest will win.
  • Give me some way to contact you – either your email or your blog link, if you have one. If you have “liked” my blog page on facebook, you can just leave your name and I’ll find you that way.
  • Entries will stay open until June 15.

Good luck!



51 thoughts on “Contest Time: All About Baby!

  1. *Large black filly (with chrome)
    -because I like to live dangerously and unrealistically
    *July 7th, 2:00AM
    -because I should throw in a little reality ):

    Yeah!!!! BABIES!!!! (:


  2. well, bay colt of course. no chrome. i say she foals on the early side because he’s a GIANT. and why not go with ‘murica: July 4, 4 am.

    i think you know how to get in touch with me.


  3. I’m guessing a bay filly born on July 9th at 1:00 am (because that’s when I was born of course!). Fingers crossed!


  4. July 1, bay filly with some white, 12 noon cause Sadie likes to make a statement 🙂 LARGE EARS OF COURSE 🙂 You know how to reach me..hee hee…


  5. Bay colt (in which case I’ll be very jealous and smitten as my future foal is guaranteed chestnut), and I think he’ll arrive on the 10th at around 9am.

    Aside from colour, I hope your friend gets a healthy bouncing bundle of joy regardless of colour or sex! 🙂


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