Weekend Recap: Unicorns, Rain, and Perhaps an Early Baby

First of all – thanks to everyone for all the unicorn themed team name suggestions on Friday. There were a lot of great ones that we’ll have to sit down and look at! Also a huge thank you to Riding Warehouse, Mango Bay Design, Willow Tree Farm, and Gypsy Tails, who have offered to sponsor us and help get our team looking officially unicorny. I already put together a playlist of unicorn songs to be our soundtrack… you would be amazed how many unicorn related songs there are on Spotify. I had “Always be a Unicorn” stuck in my head all weekend, which is awesome for a few hours and then just really strange after that. I also might have picked up this amazing speaker on eBay for cheap. The unicorn tunes will be even better coming from a unicorn with a light-up horn. I thought for a second that maybe I was taking this too far, but then… neeeeeh. Not possible. I mean, feast your eyes.

I actually did manage to ride my horse all weekend. Friday we did a dressage school, with a lot of transitions within each gait and changes of bend. After our comments of lazy and needs more forward on our dressage test from Texas Rose, I figured it was probably time to consider re-approaching. The fun thing about having a green-ish horse is that they’re constantly evolving, and things that used to be an issue (taking forever to get connected, being really tense) aren’t anymore. Thus, the work we do at home and the way I ride him has to evolve too. I’m able to ask for more and more without having to worry so much about blowing his mind. No more tiptoeing through the tests. Saturday I set up a few pole exercises in the ring and we had a “jump” school. I had a bending line that could ride as a bending 3 or a very angled 2, and a line of poles that could be 3, 4, or 5 strides. Goal of the day: adjustability and straightness.

I told him if he didn’t go forward I was bringing the dressage whip

On Sunday Brandy and I had planned to go trail ride at Granger Lake in the morning but I woke up to this. UGGGHHH.

Sigh. The whole forecast this week looks wet and gross. At least we had a couple weeks of normal weather. Luckily there was a break in between lines of storms in the afternoon and we did manage to get the horses out to the lake and fit in a ride before more rain hit. Pictures tomorrow.

Sadie’s lessee texted me on Saturday and told me her milk was coming in quick. If we go by the theory of average gestation time, technically she’s not “due” for a few more weeks. However, 320 days is considered the minimum normal gestation and she’s at 319 today. The pH of her milk still tests a bit too high for her to be super imminent, but the calcium content indicates that it could be within the next few days. You can tell by her very pointy belly that the baby is moving into position, too. AND she’s been acting very sweet and cuddly… something is definitely up. Looks like we could have a baby soon! I think we’d all be a lot happier if she’d wait another week or so, but I’m sure in typical Sadie fashion she will do things however she damn well pleases. If you haven’t gotten in your guesses for the baby contest, today is the last day!

I have to admit, after 5 horse shows in two months, this weekend felt weird. We have no shows on the docket until AEC at the end of September and I might be having a little bit of withdrawal. We have an XC schooling weekend planned at the end of the month but otherwise nothing. I might have to scare up a dressage show or jumper class in the summer to appease my addiction and keep us on track. We’ve been on such a roll lately, it seems a little sad to have several months of nothing. I hope all the other bloggers out there with busy summer show schedules are planning on writing very detailed recaps! I’m gonna need a fix.

18 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Unicorns, Rain, and Perhaps an Early Baby

  1. A) Unicorn Speaker cracks me up immensely
    B) Sadie has a big ol butt now. She needs to hold onto that baby a bit longer. I guessed wayyyyyyyyyy wrong otherwises LOL
    C) FIND yourself some other things to do it will be a long boring summer without events.



  2. I bet you’re as tired of the rain as I am! We are getting the remnants of the tropical storm and it has rained the last 5 days or so. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last icky day until next week so my fingers are crossed for both of us!


  3. um those speakers are definitely something else altogether haha. almost like weird fly/unicorn hybrids? good luck w Sadie tho – hopefully all is well! i’m actually feeling somewhat the opposite of you re: show schedule since we have another back to back two before getting a little break… should be fun tho!


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