How it all began – Henry’s sale videos

We’re gonna dub this History Week, also known as That-Really-Boring-Week-Where-Nothing-Happened-Because-Henry-Tried-To-Rip-His-Foot-Off. He’s actually sound again as of yesterday (YAY) but today I’m on my way to West Texas to see Sadie and her baby, so no riding until the weekend. But – I’ve got a fun one… the videos I bought Henry off of. When I mentioned last week that I’d stumbled across these videos again, several of you asked to see them, so here ya go! These videos and a few pictures of him standing in the pasture were all I’d seen of him when I bought him.

Jerry1 Jerry2

Fair warning – he hadn’t been ridden in 10 months when these videos were taken, he was very fat, and he was barefoot. I loved him, and ultimately decided to buy him, for two reasons in particular… can anybody guess why?

Oh and yes, his name was Jerry. He had a new name within 48 hours. 😉

Obviously the rider is not me, so please no critique!


16 thoughts on “How it all began – Henry’s sale videos

  1. Personally I hope you bought him cause he was cute as patootie and OBVIOUSLY had a brain! LOL. 10 months no ride and to be that quiet? Jeez you got a steal. I dont think i ever saw the videos (just the pasture photos). I would have bought him and I don’t DO tbreds 🙂

    One thing i noticed is how much better you have him moving now (duh less weight and better farrier but still).

    Henry fits him SO much better than Jerry! 🙂


    1. You nailed reason number one. I was very impressed with his temperament, you can see him look outside of the arena a couple times but then he immediately re-focuses on his rider. That’s impressive for any green horse, much less one that’s been out of work for so long. He seemed to have a good brain.


  2. He’s such a pudgy little cutie!!! And balanced enough to go around without his nose poking out, even after 10 months off. Jeez, my mare that gets ridden 4-5x a week still struggles with balance like that. Henry is such a stud!


    1. You nailed reason number two. Even though it’s a small space, and he’s barefoot, and he’s super out of shape, I thought his canter looked pretty balanced. The trot wasn’t good, and still isn’t great, but the canter is the most important thing, and his was pretty good. It’s only gotten better since.

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  3. Let’s be real – it was mostly peer pressure. 😉

    One thing to know about Hickory Hills arena is that it is TINY. Maybe a roundpen and a half. And the snow is constantly melting and sliding off it. So it’s really not a bad video, all things considered! Lol


    1. The tiny arena and conditions were what really impressed me about him. I might not have liked him as much if I hadn’t been able to see how good his brain was and how well-balanced he was. It worked in his favor. 😉


  4. you definitely have a good eye. i’m not sure i would have put all those different factors together to get such a complete picture of him from such otherwise-iffy sales materials


  5. D’awwww look at that baby Henry. Amazing how much he’s changed but I can see why you loved him from the start. (Also… Jerry? Seriously?)


  6. Jerry… You got to see a lot in those videos I think! Most of the vids I’m seeing I barely get to see a jog and that’s for over double the price usually. Henry was quite the steal! He was so pudgy and cute!


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