Meet Merlin

Last Thursday I made the 5 hour trek out to West Texas to see Sadie and meet her baby. He has officially been dubbed Merlin and he’s kind of the cutest thing ever. Not that I’m biased… he’s not my baby, but he’s my baby’s baby… does that count as biased? Probably. Anyway, trust me, he’s adorable. It’s really neat to see the things that Sadie passed down (a lot) and the things that the stallion Mezcalero improved (longer neck, more uphill canter). That colt has legs for miles and is super super springy – definitely a jumper. Sadie is the best mom… very attentive and totally in love with him. It’s pretty cute to see. Not only did she produce a great first baby, she’s good at the “mothering” thing and seems very content with her new role.



She’s teaching him all the important things, like how to jump over hoses


As for Merlin – he’s an athletic little bugger. He loves to run


And jump

He’s brave and athletic but still careful about where he puts his feet

Although his feet don’t spend much time on the ground anyway


He’s VERY itchy and will curl himself up like a pretzel and almost fall over if you scratch him just right (as demonstrated by Michelle)

He’s also bold and brave and very curious


Someone is going to get a really nice colt with this one.

Merlinpose1 merlinears

Michelle and I also talked about Sadie’s future plans and future babies. Some really fun stuff has been decided but I don’t want to announce anything for certain until it’s more ironed out. Let’s just say I can’t wait! 😉


18 thoughts on “Meet Merlin

  1. Too cute! I was squealing with how cute Merlin was and how I wanted a baby horse when I showed his vids to Andy. He got very concerned that I might suddenly come home with young horse. 😛

    But srsly…you should keep him. 😉


  2. Awwww, I love little foals who love their scritches. Too cute. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything in my life if he was at my house!


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