Mind Your Melon – on the cheap

My faves over at Riding Warehouse are offering 20% off all helmets today only for International Helmet Awareness Day with coupon code HAD20! They also have free shipping over $50 and free returns. You know you want a navy Samshield for only $336 or a matte One K for $165. Then everywhere you go people will be like:

and you’ll be like

Mind your melon.



13 thoughts on “Mind Your Melon – on the cheap

  1. I do not need another helmet… I do not need a other helmet… I wish samshield had fit me better when I tried to buy one last summer. I wanted it to work but no dice 😦


  2. I just bought two! Maybe being good at dressage for the last two months has made my head big enough to fit into a small One K. A girl can dream…

    Today’s Tack Mystery: Why does the One K size chart show an XS, but they don’t actually sell one anywhere?


  3. Shout out for GPAs. I have a small head and look crazy in most of the popular helmet brands but GPA, bless their hearts, make me look normal. AND they’re super comf. Hooray!


  4. Last year I got a new CO helmet for show (which I was overdue for at the time) and I’ve been sorely overdue for a new schooling helmet too so I just ordered a Tipperary Sportage – my go-to. Great fit for me and great ventilation. Most other retailers I’ve been looking at were only doing 10% off for Tipps, but whadaya know, the 20% of worked with RW! And free shipping for the win!

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