Weekend recap: melting

Considering how rainy and cool the first half of the year was, it seemed like someone flipped a switch on July 1 because it’s been totally normal Texas summer weather since then. And by normal Texas summer weather I mean it didn’t rain all month (literally – no rain all month) and it’s over 100 degrees every day.


I’m definitely more of a hot weather person than a cold weather person, so I’m ok with the heat, but Henry is a little bit like

It’s cooler in the mornings, temperature wise, but it’s also way more humid, and it stays nears 100 until after dark so there’s really just not a great time to ride. Henry let me know this on Saturday by tapping pretty much every jump and taking down the purple vertical 4 times out of 5. I think that was his version of giving me the middle finger. On Sunday I did a dressage ride but when I had to basically implant my spur into his rib cage to get a leg yield I decided maybe this was a little fruitless, so I did just enough to accomplish something and let him be done. There’s just no point in pissing him off.


Otherwise, I’m barn sitting my favorite Trakehners right now so there’s little else going on. I didn’t buy anything online all weekend which seems newsworthy in itself considering all the helmet sales. I gotta say, I really do enjoy barnsitting. There are a lot of things I like about living in a big city, but there are also a lot of things I don’t like. Mostly all the people. Out there it’s quiet, I don’t have to listen to or worry about the neighbors, and everything just seems a lot more peaceful. I love the solitude. I even like the barn work. Something about the labor is just really good for the soul, especially when otherwise it seems like you waste your life away sitting at a desk.

Toni the stallion says what up

I’m barnsitting through Thursday night, and given the distance from work to there and from there to the barn, I’m thinking Henry can just have the week off. In the mean time I’ll be cleaning stalls, taking care of the Traks, and sweating my balls off. I really don’t mind anyway.

8 thoughts on “Weekend recap: melting

      1. smart corgi. 🙂 it is hot here and nothing like you have and i think the same thing. Too hot to ride. I hate August. And i have an event in two weeks. UGH.

        Enjoy the rest Henry. Enjoy the work and housesitting Amanda 🙂


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