The Most Amazing Trailer Ever

So there I was yesterday, doing my monthly perusal of Craigslist looking at horse trailers. I’m not in the market yet but eventually some day I’ll buy a truck and then a trailer, so why not just start looking now, right? It makes sense, trust me.

I was clicking through the Dallas ads, not really even paying much attention, when I was stopped dead in my tracks by the paint job on a shitty old rust bucket of a trailer. My reaction was something like this:

It was quite honestly the most tacky, gaudy, and mesmerizingly garish paint job I have ever seen. My eyeballs were bleeding. But it was also The Best Paint Job Ever. Behold, readers, the trailer whose outside looks just like my inside:

unicorntrailer2 unicorntrailer3



Yes, it’s blue and yellow. Yes, it’s got unicorns on it. Yes, it’s covered in stars. You might as well go ahead and paint my name across the front and cover the whole damn thing with glitter clear coat. It is, without a doubt, the most awful and yet most amazing trailer I have ever seen. EVEN THE HUBBIES ARE YELLOW! And it has BLUE ASTROTURF in the tack compartment!


Let’s all take a moment to be extremely thankful for the fact that Henry would not fit in this tacky ass jalopy, otherwise it would probably be sitting in my driveway right now. Let’s also take a moment to appreciate that there is someone else out there just like me, who loves the same colors I do AND is super into unicorns. I don’ t know you, Julio from Dallas, but you’ve created a true work of art here. Hats off to you, sir.

She’s beautiful.

38 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Trailer Ever

  1. SHUT UP this is amazing. You need to get a smaller horse and purchase this work of art. I can see your name hand lettered across the front star now….


  2. when i began boarding at my coop someone there had a pink trailer. yes pink. Yes it was horrifying. I cannot even imagine Amanda pulling up in that thing LOL. We could crowdfund and buy it for guys. 🙂 Take out the middle divider and load henry diagonally. VIOLA 🙂


    1. We’d need to take out the middle, raise the roof, and add a ramp lol. Prob easier to just get a bigger one and hire Julio the Artist to cover it with unicorns. Hey… Bobby has a Brenderup that could use a new paint job…


  3. lol yesssssss that is pretty much the greatest. almost enough to inspire me to pick up a paint brush and get to work on ye olde stock trailer haha


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