Weekend recap: Henry, cake, corgi, and a Bobby cameo

The weekend started out with a bang. On Friday night I met Karen and our friend Stacy for happy hour at an awesome Mexican restaurant, where I stuffed my face with queso and brownie. On my way to happy hour I had stopped at Dover (it’s in the same shopping center) to pick up some dewormer and accidentally bought another jump pad. I just don’t know how this keeps happening. Well that’s a lie. It was navy, it had an awesome shape, cool features, and it was cheap. Yeah I know I’m looking for a dressage pad, not a yet another jump pad. I have a problem, leave me alone.

Saturday morning I was up and at em bright and early for a dressage lesson. And by bright and early I mean I was at the barn at 5:45 to groom Henry, pack my stuff in Bobby’s trailer, and haul the boys over to Dressage Trainer’s place for the first two lesson spots of the day.

pre-dawn Henry is Not Amused

It’s been a while since we’ve had a dressage lesson (a month? more? this summer is starting to run together) so I wasn’t sure how “on it” we’d be but Henry was pretty good. He has been VERY stretchy lately, which is nothing short a miracle on a horse who, a mere 4 months ago, wouldn’t give you a single step of stretchy anything. The king of the fake braced frame is finally starting to seek the contact and come down into it. Not all the time, but a lot more. He still has trouble with the shoulder in, more to the left than the right, but that’s getting better too.

It seems like the progress with dressage is so slow, but it’s nice to hear Dressage Trainer say that Henry looks markedly better every time he sees him. Dressage is difficult for him (and me)… he’s naturally a tense tight horse, built downhill, not a great mover, and not blessed with particularly talented rider, but we’re making baby steps. It’s gonna take a while but as long as he keeps improving a little bit at a time then we’ll call it success. There is a little video below, which I’m mostly just posting because thanks to Bobby you will never be able to un-see the last 20 seconds. I’m sorry, Internet. I’m so, so sorry.

On Saturday night we had a family get-together at my parents house to celebrate all our August birthdays. My mom, my brother, and myself all have birthdays within a couple weeks of each other so it just becomes easier to do one little party. I loaded the dogs up for their “adventure” – my parents have a big backyard – and had a little family time. We had a smorgasbord of Indian food, Chinese food, and pizza, plus a pretty awesome strawberry cake.

Smart corgi kept his nose plastered to the AC vent the entire way
all together we represent 135 years on earth! Note the rainbow candles.

On Sunday I had planned on doing a small gymnastics school but Henry was not feeling it. He wasn’t bad, but my nice stretchy relaxed horse that I’ve had for the past couple weeks was gone and he was super tight, super tense, and way over-reactive to leg. No idea what that was about, but it took me almost half an hour to get any kind of stretching down into the contact. I hopped through the gymnastic a couple times and called it a day.

crossrail, 2 strides, oxer with pole on top, two strides, narrow brick wall

I’m trying to think that it’s just a coincidence he acted like that on his second day of being off the MagRestore. I’m also trying to think it’s just a coincidence that the super stretchiness started when I first put him on the MagRestore a couple weeks ago. We’ll see how he feels today. We might be going back to the magnesium permanently.

26 thoughts on “Weekend recap: Henry, cake, corgi, and a Bobby cameo

  1. Lol @ Bobby. He was the best part of the video 🙂 Well Henry was good to watch too.
    Henry looks fab doing dressage. Maybe yesterday was just a bad day for him??

    PS mark, me and dad and my sister are all on the same day (July 26). This year we did the math (maths is hard for us all LOL) and we represented 233 years WOW. Scary no?

    Happy Birthday to all.

    Henry i feel you on the early a.m. i wouldnt like that either.

    When is your next event/schooling etc??


        1. He was only on it for a couple of weeks – it was an experiment. I thought he seemed better on it, but wanted to let him come off to see if it was just my imagination.


  2. I’ve seen magnesium do that to horses. A few days off and they get grumpier and stiff. I’ll be interested to see if you go back if you see the stretchy and soft come back as a result.


  3. Unfortunately I have one that just has to be on Magnesium. He is so tense and tight through his back without it, and gets cresty neck as well. As cheap as Mg is, I just keep him on it.


  4. Imma second or third or eleventeenth the Mg. Some horses really seem to need it… there’s some research showing that a lot of horses are deficient. It’s so cheap (heck, you can get a 50 lb bag of magox from the feed store for like $12), and they can’t really OD on it. It’s one of the very few supplements I actually use.

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  5. Regarding the magnesium: I have no idea if it’s working or not for Izzy (I’m waiting until NEXT summer to take him off of it – long story), but I use Quiessence which came recommended by several vets for improved nerve function and muscle tension. It’s not the cheapest around, but SmartPak makes it convenient to give.


  6. What kind of saddle pad is the navy one? I am really interested in trying one with that shape for my forward flap CWD, but I have only seen the Le Mieux ones in that shape which are quite pricey for just a schooling cotton pad.


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