5 things I learned at Corona HT

Because every show is really a learning experience in disguise:

Our horses love Skittles and Pop-Tarts, so obviously they’re unicorns. Oh yeah, and rainbow Goldfish, they liked those too. But especially Pop-Tarts, of any flavor. I’m just gonna start bringing those to shows instead of buying fancy treats because Henry (and Halo and Rheta)  thought they were the best thing ever.

Bobby is a coward. The show provided water balloons on Saturday afternoon so that everyone could take out their aggression on each other have a fun reprieve in between dressage and stadium. Bobby and I of course are basically 12 years old, so we had to go get some. Bobby’s first one hit the brim of my hat and soaked me pretty well, then he kept running away and wouldn’t just take my retaliation like a man. He went and got another balloon and nailed me IN THE BACK with it as I was walking away. In the back! There’s no honor in that! Obviously Bobby is not a gentleman and knows nothing about honorable dueling. I finally got him, and certainly not the coward’s way like he did.

You can find amazing things at a Love’s truck stop late on a Saturday night. As I was walking around grabbing more Powerade and some Cosmic Cupcakes, I stumbled upon a bin of stick unicorns. They even had sound effects. They are so majestic, we each got one… you’ll be seeing these bad boys again at AEC. (Bobby got a horse because it looks like Halo – he’s going to make it into a unicorn – and Sherri got a purple one)

It IS possible for a horse and rider to get trapped together under a BN ramp. After XC as I was putting all my stuff away, I heard a lot of commotion in the warm-up and saw a lot of people running. I didn’t think much of it until I looked up again and saw people standing there with their hands over their mouths and heard someone say “I think I saw an arm move!”. I walked over and it turned out that a horse and his rider were somehow wedged into the back/under side of a little BN sized ramp. I have absolutely no idea how it happened, I can’t even fathom the physics, but they had to unstake the ramp and drag it off of them, which took several minutes. By some miracle both the horse and the rider got up and walked away unharmed. I have never seen anything like that in my entire life.

Our barn is kind of awesome. We’re a small privately owned barn full of working amateur riders, with no resident trainer, and all 3 of us that went to the show came back with a ribbon without embarrassing ourselves in the process. We’re self sufficient, we support each other, we can hold our own with any other barn, and we have a lot of fun while we’re doing it. Adult Team Championships, we’re comin’ for ya!

Just like this. We’re comin for ya just like this…

21 thoughts on “5 things I learned at Corona HT

  1. A) poptarts are yum so not surprised (and my horse will EAT anything) B) Bobby may be a coward but he is fun so shut up C) LOL I read that as Lowes and was all bummed my lowes doesnt carry Unicorn on a stick HA but then went back and saw it was a truck stop. I want a photo of the purple one though! D) NO photos?? UGH that sounds horrible. Did the horse just refuse and slid under it. ICK glad all were okay E) Of course you guys are awesome. But Bobby needs to let someone else get the glory one day.

    cant wait for the posts from the Championships. It will be epic!


    1. if he did it from refusing and sliding under, that would mean the guy was jumping it backwards. I don’t see that happening, but who knows. The ramp was totally enclosed on the front side, just like a normal ramp fence is constructed.


      1. duh…wonder what happened….maybe horse jumped it and slid backwards (Horse eating monster under the ramp fence) HEY it could happen 🙂


            1. I got you in the front the first time, you’re such an easy target I figured it didn’t matter if you saw the second one coming or not. 🙂


  2. that’s super bizarre about the horse getting stuck under the ramp… just… HOW?!? anyway tho congrats again on such a solid outing, and yay for having other fun and self-sufficient riders out there with ya!


  3. I bought that same pony on a stick (at a Love’s Truck Stop) for my 5-year-old niece. She loves it and she named it Tucker. I’m at a trainerless adult-ammie filled barn too, and while we all do different disciplines, there’s a lot of satin hanging on our stalls as well. I firmly believe these kinds of environments are the BEST.


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