Labor Day sale!

I needed a quick reprieve from real life, so I figured I’d pop in and remind everyone that Riding Warehouse is having a Labor Day Sale. 15% off pretty much everything! The discount automatically shows up in your cart.

Remember those peach TuffRider breeches? They’re already marked down, so the additional 15% off makes them $54. And the navy ‘H’ belt? $22. Buy em both and you get free shipping to boot. I DID load up on a few things I needed, but sadly couldn’t talk myself into justifying either of those just yet. Henry got a new navy and yellow Irish knit though, because he’s stylish AF.

The RW obsession is real.

5 thoughts on “Labor Day sale!

  1. i just realized they are based not to far from me and they go to a lot of the shows I go to 🙂

    I’ve been eyeing some show shirts so I might have to jump on them!!


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